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  1. congrats @Spartan and @Caboose30!! two great dudes. well deserved
  2. Me Poised With six weeks in the books the Lincoln Mammoths find themselves sitting at 4-2. The team definitely doesn't mind this but obviously they are always striving for more. I worked hard this offseason on becoming the best kicker I can possibly be for the squad, and so far I think it's safe to say that the hard work has paid off. Surely this pace won't keep up, but thus far I have hit every extra point opportunity in 17 attempts. And on top of that I have also converted every field goal attempt going 13 for 13, with my longest attempt being 46 yards. The highlight of my season
  3. yooo thanks for the shoutout boss! Great read :)
  4. Wow exciting game, nice win NY. The Herd mean business !
  5. My massive fucking kicker thighs baby
  6. BIG WEEK! WE gotta beat Hades
  7. 1. Under 2. Tee Pee E 3. McDolin 4. Kraken 5. Brandt
  8. 1. Under 2. Fenton 3. Eliason 4. Rangers 5. Wyatt
  9. Me Reflect Well my rookie season is now in the books, and it was a hell of a ride so far. My time in Lincoln has been a great experience, and I've had a blast but at the end of the day, I feel like we came up short from where we had hoped to be when the season began. Personal results are all well and dandy, but it sure did sting falling in our first playoff match of the season against Death Valley. Our team had so much potential and we thought we were ready to make another deep playoff run and defend our conference title. Practice seemed great this week but come gameday it was clea
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