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  1. Great presentation so far
  2. The season Dillinger leaves, frenzy good and his current team not good. Coincidence? I think not
  3. Pls. I have a 2/3 chance. Let me make it
  4. Well uhh go my team that makes the playoffs
  5. Let's go reign and predictors
  6. Just say it here, you want to be unretired. And just don't do this again. You want to be respected? Retiring everytime to "start fresh" is not the way if I'm honest. In sba, I took you cause I thought you were a good guy, then u retired. You did the same thing here to omd. Just post here, you wanna unretire. But my advice to you, is just stop. Stop, and play it out with this guy. It may suck at the beginning, guess what,, your not online, all my sba/efl players sucked at the beginning. I didn't just retire them. Please stop it and stick it out.
  7. Bruh just don't retire him maybe. This was ur best player that you created. Why tf you want to start fresh when it's your freaking rookie season. I just don't understand chef. Like what's the point of retiring this dude. For what? You want to start fresh sure, but every time is not the way. I would get the dms where you said you would stick to a player, but I won't. You want an ad job? This is not the way bro. You still have time to undo this iirc. Make the right choice
  8. tough game for my Growlers. We'll bounce baack tho for sure
  9. It was 614x406. Which yeah usually is too big. Will try and fix that next time
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