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  1. Great game Pirates and we can bounce back Encounters
  2. 1. HELL YA I AM 2. It was pretty good. Had bunch of parties and pulled a James Hardens and visited bunch of Strip Clubs 3. I am feeling good. Excited to showcase my talent 4. Bro, this logo is the best fucking logo in the whole EFL and ECFA 5. My mirror, is always my biggest inspiration 6. I want to be a beast and be a successful player 7. Succesful and I cant wait to show my talent to Roswell 8. The strip club
  3. What the EFL means to me The means a lot to me. I was actually here earlier as some people may now as a WR for the Biscanye Bay Pirates. That career got cut short due to legal reasons. I never meant to break rules but I am back and I have been having a hell of a lot of fun. I would like to thank @StackTheRacks12 @Eagle Eye and many more who have helped me. Stacks was there since I was a WR for the pirates with another account. He has always helped me with whatever I need and I see him as my friend. He didnt hate me for ditching the team midway. I know a lot of people who were mad at me, b
  4. Uzi OrbitingDeath Symntrix LK Trifecta
  5. A great graphic. The render is pretty clean. there isnt that much blank space. Text maybe could have been darker. I like the background, with the mud stains, if that is what it is suppose to be. Just improve the font and the text and it will be great. 8/10 @Trifecta A P P R O V E D
  6. Okay this graphic isnt the best. There is no background, The text is not good at all. The placment is even worse. I dont like the text on the render. The pink on the sides is fine. The placement of the logo isnt good. Its so small, it could have been bigger. In my opinion this was better. it actually had a background, You used a better font than last week but you just could have placed it better. The placement of that graphic was better than the placement in this graphic. The background was better in that graphic. You didnt even have a background here. You just added pink on the sides, which
  7. Adrest245


    A great graphic by you. I like the render which you have chosen, the text is okay. Could be better but it'll work. I am a fan of the Background which you picked. It fits well with the graphic. this was a good graphic and I can not wait to see more from u. @Symmetrik 8/10 A P P R O V E D
  8. This graphic is absolute fire. I am a huge fan of it. The render of Johhny Manziel (I hope thats him) The background is really cool, The text is perfect for the graphic. And the logo is perfectly placed. You smahsed this graphic imo. Great job and cant wait to see more from you 10/10 @OrbitingDeath
  9. Adrest245


    This is a good graphic. The render is pretty clean. I am a hug fan of the Background you used. The text is alright. It could have been better imo but its fine. Like it is kinda hard to read. A overall great job and look forward to seeing more from you. 8/10 @UZI®
  10. 1. Probably my accuracy or inteligance 2. It been pretty good 3. Hell ya im ready 4. Coach had some nice moves 5. Imagine feeling emotions, couldnt be me 6. 16-0, I become a beast 7. Not sure 8. I chuck the ball as far I can if I win, and if i lose, I move on
  11. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/18674-agrias-oaks-entering-the-draft/ +6
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