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Night Phase #?

@Alecbama plays a risky card. "I'm mafia!" he explains to the town. He also points the finger to @omgitshim and paints him as the serial killer. Easy pickin's for the town with a mafia member and a serial killer, right? Both plead their case and finally, @xsjack comes in to break the tie. Alecbama has been hung. He was the Mafioso.


Night actions by 10AM EST.

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Night Phase 3 All-mighty moderator busy so you don't get much story. @Enorama shot dead. He was Hunter. @jhatty8 has been slashed. He was Consigliere.   Votes will be tallied at 10PM ES

Night Phase 2 A loud tribal-type howl rings across the town and awakes most of the townsfolk. Everyone scurries to @PigSnout's house to find more bodies. Pig has been brutalized. His snout has po

Night Phase 4 @Sharkstrong has been sliced and slashed and made dead. He was the Lookout.   @emidas has been made dead by a gun. Single bullet to the dome. He was the Medium.  

A bullet this night had @Wheaties name on it. They decided it was his time. Looking around the house the town spots three bulletproof vests. He was the Survivor.

@Ty3 is also found dead with multiple deep cuts and stab wounds to his torso. He was the Turncoat.


Votes in by 10PM EST.

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User Role
OnMyWings Godfather
Symmetrik Mafioso
Jhatty8 Consigliere
Alecbama Spy
Ty3 Turncoat
omgitshim Serial Killer
TheLastOlympian Amnesiac
Wheaties Survivor
Enorama Hunter
PigSnout Mayor
Emidas Medium
PSanchez55 Bodyguard
xsjack Doctor
Sharkstrong Lookout
TacticalHammer Investigator
LittleRiDog Fisherman
LattimoreIsland Gunsmith
HuddleHussy Knight
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3 minutes ago, Symmetrik said:

big flop yesterday from the mafia, 3 people alive and 1 person voted


Depending on when they voted, it would have forced out my gun early. Whether that would have caused xsjack to turn on me or not, who knows, but I did have a backup plan.

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