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Blocking Is Fun

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*Steps up to mic*

Is this thing on? Been awhile since I've done something like this. Here goes nothing...AHEM


Attention peeps, after some discussion in the BOD we've decided to make a slight modification to the blocking TE/FB archetype to make it mildly more competitive. As it stands, those two archetypes are the only ones we have (QBs and Ks excluded) that have a crippling 80 cap on speed. To remedy this, and to give people the chance to be the OL they've always wanted to be (me), we will be adding weight to the blocking TE/FB archetypes. They can now weigh up to 280 pounds without weight purchases, and can attain 300 pounds with the max four weight purchases. In addition, the TE will get an inch of maximum height. 


As is the case with all changes like this, our existing active players that fulfill this archetype now have the chance to take advantage of this change. So come on down to the podium @JaysFan26 and @Renomitsu!


Also, due to their ability to only play FB and TE, it has been decided that all TEs and FBs are interchangeable between those two positions, regardless of height or weight.

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2 hours ago, stevo said:

I didn't understand anything, but I guess this is something good?

You bout to have some phat thighs boi

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