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Grassroots Soccer League, Accepting EFL Point Tasks

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Have you ever wanted to live the life of your favorite soccer football player? To sign for a team and fight for titles? Now is the time!
Create your own Soccer superstar in the Grassroots Soccer League! The League was just created, so new players are signing up from all over the World for Season 1.

We currently accept EFL point tasks for credit on some weekly tasks.

In this league, you control only one player and after creation you pretty much start with all your stats at 1. Did you ever sign a player with every stat as 1 on your glorious FM saves? You are given some Skill Points to spend in the beginning, so that you can start building the player you want to be. Every position is available, so choose the one you want to break records with. Do you want to be next Messi or Ronaldo? Or you prefer to play defense, as a Virgil Van Dijk type of player? Maybe Pirlo needs to make a comeback… Buffon even? It’s entirely up to you.

You then go through an entire career with your player. Since the league just started, we are also looking for suggestions for team names for their creation, which means… you can also apply to be the owner/GM/Co-GM of one of them! That’s right, you can have your player on the team but be responsible for everything else, or do it with a friend as Co-GM. Tactics, signings, contracts, facilities upgrades, you can do it all. And the best part is that every other player is also a real person who has created a player like you, so you get to hang out with them in locker rooms on the forum and Discord, and see how your player does in games.

Now you may be asking, how does my player get better? Mainly through activity! You earn Skill Points through various things like a weekly activity check, game predictions and tasks on the forums to make your player better, so that one day they'll end up in the Hall of Fame! If you worry about needing to spend a lot of time on the game, be aware that a few logins can still earn you enough Skill Points to update your player and help the team that signs you.

All the games will be streamed live on YouTube using Football Manager 20, so you will get a chance to watch your player and laugh at every missed sitter or failed tackle.

This league is completely free and run by volunteers. We are a growing community of users controlling players in the league, which means we have tons of football fans. We have plenty of spots open for newbies like us!

This is a perfect time to join, as everything is still getting started. Bring your suggestions as well. Come check us out and create your own player!

Here is the link to our discord --> https://discord.gg/37W3SSD

Here is the link to our forum --> http://grsl.xyz/forum/

Here is the link to the YouTube channel, where you can already check some games made for a friendly tournament with all the players we have until this point --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe10bBCzOt3GJg4d_5NZMjw

If you have any questions - please feel free to ask here, or on Discord. Lots of people always willing to help there. Let’s make this League a fun and competitive place.

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Join, its a great league! We are looking to add Tier 2 with promotion and relegation soon enough, it's fun. Of course, we will accept those EFL PTs. So, look forward to seeing you there. 

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