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So update to our standings here after yesterdays games

1st - @McWolf *
T2 - @SnapTackleDrop

T2 -  @Turts

T2 - @OrbitingDeath
T5 - @LittleRiDog @Leathlord @DollarAndADream @OscarTheSwagDude @Nykonax @Rockstar @oilmandan @Kayfabe @Kdang @MMFLEX @OnMyWings


* Locked

Congrats to @McWolf for taking first. He was the only one who correctly chose LA over Calgary in the first tie breaker.

On the opposite end of the spectrum


35th @Malikk Quadri

34th @Beowoof


While I appreciate the originality in your picks it just didnt work out that way. Best of luck next time and thanks for playing! For anyone who was left unmentioned sadly you have been mathematically eliminated, thank you for playing!

For those who are still battling for the 2nd - 6th spots there are still a few of you who have not put in your 2nd tie breaker. Please make sure you get those in otherwise you will AUTOMATICALLY LOSE  the tie breaker!

Games on Feb 12th


Montreal 1 @ Boston 4

Calgary 3 @ LA 5

Chicago 0 @ Vancouver 3

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