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NCAA Weekly: Weeks 1 and 2 top games

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Michigan downs defending national champions week one. Bama proves haters wrong by beating LSU week 2.





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      Now that the dust has finally settled down from the first two weeks, the NCAA season is starting to get into the grove. But that doesn't mean there wasn't any noteworthy games those first two weeks. The two that are going to be covered today are Michigan vs USC and then Bama's "upset" over LSU. For those games that didn't get picked in this article don't worry another edition will be coming out this week by @Alecbama so stay tuned for that. For me though these are my top games of the week, and the coverage begins now!


 Week 1

 Image result for michigan wolverines football logo  VS Image result for USC football logo


     In the first quarter both teams played each other quite tight and they left tied at a Touchdown a piece after the first quarter. It was Michigan who got things started with roughly 9 minutes left in the quarter with a touchdown from Gus Bus @PigSnout, the play was a simple one and Bus was able to march it on a 7 yard run. However, the lead would not prevail as USC responded with 2 minutes left in the quarter when Clap Trap @Beowoof received a beautiful 16 yard pass for the score.


    The game would of course not remain tied as early in the second quarter Hobo Jackson @KillaScrilla would punch in a touchdown with a 2 yard run. After that the rest of the quarter was all Michigan. Both sides played some hard nosed ball and worked their way into field goal range and punted one through the uprights before the half. But the real star of the second quarter was the combined efforts of  Rhine Ceros @LefLop and Jacky Duddy @JackAttack9105 to force and recover a fumble to set up Michigan for their field goal drive.


    At the start of the second half there was much to do about nothing. Both teams adopted a never give an inch mentality on defense and multiple drives were simply 3 and outs. It wasn't until there was only 43 seconds left in the quarter that Michigan finally punched in another touchdown, it was yet another 2 yard run by Hobo Jackson @KillaScrilla that scoring drive took almost 7 full minutes to complete. 


    In the final quarter USC tried desperately to claw back and Michigan was only shooting themselves in the foot with flag after flag. However despite all the help USC only managed a touchdown late in the quarter from Terren Lasley @ngine4. Michigan would secure their win early in the quarter by getting a field goal but other than that it was a battle of the defenses. At the end of the game Clap Trap earned Offensive player of the game and Rhine Ceros earned defensive player of the game, both players coming from the losing USC squad.


Final score 27 - 17 Michigan


Week 2


 Image result for Alabama football logoVS Image result for LSU football logo



     Perhaps the biggest supposed upset of the season so far has been Alabama's 38 to 23 victory over LSU. To start the game Alabama begins to assert dominance over their rival with a 5 minute touchdown drive. This touchdown delivered by rookie RB Schitt Brickhouse on a 7 yard run @Leathlord LSU however, not to be outdone responds in kind with a touchdown of their own several seconds later with an 80 yard punt return by Dale Cooper @Jetsqb101. After that the Bama offense seemed to simple deflate going three and out on their next drive, but Mizzed Tackle was there to get things back on track for Bama with a 23 yard pick 6. Yet, the scoring doesn't stop there as Quadri would later get sacked for a safety with roughly only a minute 30 left.


    After all the chaos in the first quarter, things start off with a bang in the 2nd. On their first drive LSU goes on a 3 minute touchdown run, scored by Dale Cooper for 5 yards on the carry. After that though Alabama would hold the play for the majority of the 2nd yet only come away with a field goal due to penalties and a sack.


   Second half action rolls around and it begins with a slew of Alabama penalties, and turnover recoveries from the Bama secondary. After an interception by Jay Cue @Jay Cue which was returned to the LSU 1 yard line, almost a pick 6 again, Antoine Jefferies @cody73 got a pass from Malikk Quadri @Malikk Quadri for the touchdown. LSU would follow up with along drive that had much to do about nothing before turning the ball back over to Alabama, where they would go on another touchdown drive, this one delivered by once again Schitt Brickhouse @Leathlord on a 19 yard rush. Oh but it doesnt stop there, next drive LSU goes 3 and out then move to punt. But, the punt was blocked by a marvelous play by Mattison Roccograndi @Ayylmao which set up another Alabama touchdown  for Antoined Jefferies, pulling in an 8 yard catch from Malikk Quadri. 


    The 4th quarter rolls in with LSU having revenge on their mind and pull of a punt block of their own after forcing a 3 and out situation for Bama. This leads to a touchdown pass being thrown by Cedric Eevee @Evans to Henry Mcdolin @zekethatbeast25 for 7 yards. The game would be finished out with a couple of interceptions from both teams. It honestly felt like the defensive secondaries were getting more receptions this game than the receivers, but such is life. Dale Cooper @Jetsqb101 earned himself the Offensive player of the game award, while Mizzed Tackles pick 6 nominated him for defensive player of the game and defensive player of the week.


    Now with the games out of the way, as Im sure everyone already knows there will be 4 new schools joining the league in S19, so expect some changes to happen this offseason. Also for anyone who doesn't know I am hosting an NHL predictions competition to earn yourself some free weeks. Make sure you check out the Super Secret Post in the lottery section of Weekly Games. All predictions are due by 1200 EST on the 11th.


    As always I am looking to hire a couple more people on for my team here at the NCAA Weekly. So if you enjoy writing and want to join send me a message with some of your written work to be considered for a position. Im looking for at least two more people this season or a max of 6 more for now.


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