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Oregon's Receiving Core

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After 5 weeks the Oregon Ducks have seemed unbeatable. While the running game is certainly a big part of their offense, we're going to take a look at those guys who track the ball downfield and snag it. Let's take a look at their receivers!

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Travis Choybuk
Wide Reciever
TPE 260
190 lbs

30 REC/491 YDS/16.3 AVG/2 TD

Choybuk is having a magnificent year in his last season as a duck. This guy is known for two things, his speed, and vice grip like hands. Both are clearly showing because much like the ducks their WR1 is unstoppable. 

Himalaya Griffintown
Tight End
TPE 316
240 lbs

16 REC/156 YDS/9.7 AVG/1 TD

This guy has been a great safety valve Barnes as you may see from his statistic. Along with that, he's played a big part in keeping his quarterback upright. Racking up 7 pancakes, and allowing 0 sacks. With this likely being his last season in the NCAA it is exciting to see how he will end the year!

Ja Walker-Santos
Wide Reciever
175 TPE
220 lbs
17 REC/299 YDS/17.3 AVG/1 TD


Ja is hands down the fastest receiver on the team. Hell, he might even be the quickest player in Oregon period. On top of that, towers over his receiver peers by at least a solid 2 inches.  He's racked up a lot of yardage in a small number of grabs. The young sophomore has plenty of time to grow. I wouldn't be surprised to see those stats doubled at this point next season when he takes the WR1 reigns.  

Apollo Cross
Tight End
139 TPE
235 lbs

9 REC/57 YDS/6.3 AVG/1 TD

This TE2 has a lot of competition in front of him, as do the rest of the players in this article, and as we can see from the stats. We have reached the guys who are mostly, if not all potential and, little on-field substance as of yet. With that being said, even with the small sample size. Cross is looking pretty solid, and if he continues to improve he may be able to handle Griffintowns spot next season.  

Damien Wolfe
Wide Reciever
135 TPE
170 LBS
1 REC/8 YDS/8 AVG/0 TD


It has not been an ideal season for Damien. The 6'2" WR has only caught the ball once in 5 games. There are certainly a lot of bodies in front of him on the depth chart, but, something like this either has to be horrible luck or..something worse. Luckily for him, things open up quite a bit next season, and he should be able to find a lot more work!

Mark Radson
Wide Receiver
70 TPE
210 lbs 

8 REC/77 YDS/0 AVG/2 TD


Radson has seen more success than you would expect from a last-minute freshman signing. Though he is not on the field often, he has been a reliable target for Barnes, especially in the end zone. He is nowhere near his ceiling, and I'd expect to see big things next year, and especially his junior year.   

Image result for oregon ducks receivers

It will be interesting to see if any teams will be able to slow this squad down as the season continues, but as of now. I don't see how anyone can stop them. 

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Great breakdown and you did a nice job of laying it all out in the article. Nice work!

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