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Ohio State Recruiting Update

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Ohio State is wrapping up their first week of recruiting, and incoming coach Charlie Hudson couldn't be happier with how it's gone thus far. The new head man for the expansion Buckeyes locked up some key commits this week for the class of S19 as the NCAA expands its ranks up to 12 teams.


"We're thrilled with how this week has gone. Being an expansion team is tough, but we've already managed to secure many key positions. Quarterback was a big concern, as you might expect, but we've got a bright young man by the name of Jody Highroller @ANTISIMPLE coming in to take snaps for us. Very excited about this kid's potential. He's a little raw around the edges but he's a high-energy playmaker behind center, which is what we need.


Just as importantly, we managed to go out and catch a real big fish in the form of Marquis Washington @TheManSoldTheWar from Mater Dei out in California. We were real lucky to get him away from the sunshine there but boy has he got wheels. Probably the fastest high school wide receiver I can remember scouting. He and Highroller will be a nice combination.


On the defensive side of the ball we managed to steal away an under-the-radar cornerback from down in Georgia. Jeff Warren @FNHurts of Fairburn has got speed to burn on the outside and he's a very physical corner who will pair very nicely with Raymond Dawkins. Might even have some safety days ahead of him depending on how he develop.


We've also gotten verbal commits for the services of a pair of linebackers who have spent this year in junior college after being dismissed from their NCAA teams. Vontae Mack @Symmetrik and Danny Kepley @oilmandan have been working hard this year to earn their way back to the big show, and our coaching staff is confident in their ability to not get into any trouble.


All in all it's been a fantastic first week and we're looking forward to seeing how this early wave of recruits can create a wave of momentum and spread the good word of our return throughout the land. There will surely be an influx of new prospects we haven't seen yet, and we need all hands on deck to secure our destiny as the team of the future."



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In old Columbus there's a team

That's known throughout the land

Eleven warriors brave and bold

Whose fame will ever stand

And when that ball goes over,

Our cheers will reach the sky

Ohio Field will hear again

The Buckeye Battle Cry!

Drive, drive on down that field

Men of the Scarlet and Gray

Don't let them through that line

We've got to win this game today


Smash through to victory

We cheer you as we go

Our honor defend

We will fight to the end

For O-HI-O!

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