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Ohio State: End of an Era

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Columbus, Ohio, March 9, S19 - Coach Chunky Charlie Hudson approaches the podium, his first press conference as a coach and not merely the EFL's all-time leading rusher. The room is quiet and has been locked down from the public, with each journalist sworn to secrecy as confidential information was expected to be revealed. This is what I am allowed to share from the press room:


"Thank you for gathering here today, this is a bit of a bittersweet announcement I have to make, so I'll get right to the point. I am leaving THE Ohio State University as head football coach. This was a difficult decision to make, as I have yet to make it past recruiting as a coach, but I think you'll understand why in a minute. I'd like to thank the board for having me here and I wish Ohio State the best of luck moving forward. That being said, I will be taking the head coaching job at [REDACTED] and will be taking my current recruiting class with me. Though we didn't get to play any games at Ohio State, we sure made our mark as the loudest and swaggiest team in the country. I enjoyed my time here and appreciate the opportunity more than you can know."


We expect to hear more throughout the week on this developing situation, and the details of Hudson's new school are expected to be shared with the public this Thursday at 11am in a broadcast to fans and players.

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1. What drove you to make this decision?

2. What was the highlight of your time here?

3. What do you plan to accomplish at your new team?

4. If you could give advice to new recruits, what is it?

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