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Alright everyone so I had an idea hit me over the head like a bat earlier and I can't put it aside. For anyone who remembers the Ice Cream bracket, we are doing that. Except this time with bands! For those of you are are like "Wtf is this guy smoking? Ice Cream Bracket?" some time ago someone did I believe a 100 team bracket of ice cream flavors and people voted on which one was the best. I believe the eventual winner was vanilla (Good Flavor but so basic compared to the others...) So now, I want to do that but with bands.


Here's the catch, Im not doing anything as big as that, so we will have a 64 band competition. Also I'm only picking half the bands and they will be posted below. The remaining 32 bands I want you guys to decide on. Here is the rules regarding this though. THEY MUST BE A BAND! So your Taylor Swift's and Eminem's, Ed Sheeran's etc etc will not count as bands. Those are individual artists. Singing groups do not count as bands either so Backstreet Boys and Jonas Brothers are a no go. Bands have instruments and multiple members. The bands can be from any genre of music (If you can find a Pop band ill be impressed) 

Without further ado here are my selections for the the first half of the bracket. The second half is yours to fill out as a community. Please limit your entries to two per user as I will only take the first 32 bands that fit my criteria.


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