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Battle of the Bands Caboose's Favorites Division

Battle of the Bands Caboose's Favorites Division  

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Welcome to the Caboose's Favorites division of the Battle of the Bands!

Rules for voting

Each question is multiple choice since I had to cram each pairing into 3 questions. So I will be as clear as possible here


Each match up is separated by a | So for instance question one has Led Zeppelin vs Streetlight Manifesto | Nirvana vs The Beetles etc etc. On the question itself the options will go in order Led Zeppelin, Streetlight Manifesto, Nirvana, The Beatles etc etc. Only put in 1 vote per set of two answers. This should be straight forward but Im sure someone will get confused.


Voting will cutoff on 26MAR20 at 2330 SERVER TIME


Below is a music video/lyrics to one of the bands most well known songs according to Spotify or my own opinion if I know the band


Breaking Benjamin vs Lifehouse






Shinedown vs Chevelle







Avenged Sevenfold vs The Killers






Disturbed vs Bravery






Linkin Park vs Puddle of Mudd







Weezer vs Staind







Foo Fighters vs Seether






Creed vs Audioslave







Metallica vs Sabaton






Wolfmother  vs Rise Against







Guns n Roses vs Sublime



(Lots of good ones to choose from  also check out Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain and Sweet Child O Mine)





Offspring vs Halestorm



(Again lots of great songs here, checkk out Self Esteem, Come Out and  Play, Pretty Fly, and The Kids Aren't Alright)





Green Day vs Nickelback



(Other good songs include Blvd of Broken Dreams, Basket Case, Longview and When I Come Around)




Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Papa Roach


(So many good songs from both just go listen to em honestly)






AC/DC vs 3 Doors Down


(LIsten to more than just this one song, great bands)






Five Finger Death Punch vs Crossfade


(as ive said with the past several listen to more than just this one song, both bands are great)





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Sublime: I like some Guns N' Roses songs, but I vibe with Sublime a lot

The Offspring: Purely based on "The Kids Aren't Alright" tbh, always found that one clever

Green Day: Easy pick, Green Day was huge in punk and nobody respects Nickleback

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Another pretty easy pick, I don't opt to listen to RHCP very much but I have respect for them

AC/DC: Again, not my cup of tea but I represent them for the peak they reached

Crossfade: I don't enjoy Five Finger Death Punch and I'm neutral towards what I heard from Crossfade

Lifehouse: I do like "Hanging By a Moment" but don't really search out either of these bands

Chevelle: Not into either one tbh

Killers: I actually did like some Avenged Sevenfold growing up, but the Killers are good. I really like Hot Fuss

The Bravery: Not into Distrubed, I like what I know from The Bravery though. "Honest Mistake" was on some sports game soundtrack I had growing up

Linkin Park: I grew out of them, but their songs were awesome when I was growing up

Weezer: I ❤️ Weezer, mainly for Blue Album + Pinkerton

Foo Fighters: Dave Grohl fam

Audioslave: I don't really enjoy Creed, Audioslave is alright by comparison

Metallica: They started off strong af in their career, never were my type of music but similar to AC/DC I respect the peak

Wolfmother: No strong feelings, I enjoy both for some singles but I think I like Wolfmother's more

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