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Julian King at the Annual Nike SPARQ Combine 2020

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It's the Annual Nike SPARQ Combine of 2020, and after a solid showcase by top prospects in the nation, most of the prospects are held for questioning by scouts and recruiting media. Julian King the #1 ranked QB in Florida who has just finished his senior year and is in the midst of the recruiting process is now ready for your questions, thank you. 

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1. What do you think of the EFL brands?

2. Where would you like to be drafted?

3. What team do you not want to be drafted by?

4. What was your favorite moment in your junior career?

5. If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

6. What do you hope to achieve in your EFL career?

7. If you could recreate, what position would you be?

8. What position, if any, would you not want to be?

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