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So I have been asked a bunch of times if I could do lists for career records by current GMs and ADs. I would have wanted to help with it, but I also didn't really want to have to update 12 different teams' record lists every season so, when Zeke asked me to show him how to do a career statistics spreadsheet, I decided I would build one that every GM or AD could use:


Career Records Template


There are a total of 17 tabs:


- The first one is where you will input the team you want the stats for. Just use the same abbreviation that's used in the index.


- A set of 8 "positions" (Passing, Rushing, Receiving, Defense, Kicking, Punting, Offensive Line, Kick Returning) split in two tabs each:


- The DATA tabs is where you will input the raw data, so just copy paste the full tables from the index (without the header) for all the seasons you need. You will have to do it 8 times, for each of the stat page.


- The sheet will work its magic (it will filter to only get the rows with the team you selected in the TEAM tab and give the sum of the statlines of each of these players) and the career stats will be available in the LIST tabs.


That's pretty much it. Just make a copy of the sheet and start making lists yourself. Let me know if there are any problem with it.

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