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Brian Kowalski, WR, @Wheaties


154 GP (S7-S17 Miami Neptune)

826 Catches, 14,049 Yards, 100 TDs, 17.0 YPC

3 Time EFL Champion


When you look up the word professional in the dictionary, you see a picture of Brian Kowalski. While Kowalski did not usually bring the same big name power as some of the other receivers of his era, he was one of the best receivers to ever play in the EFL. Kowalski was just the second receiver ever to gain over 14,000 receiving yards, thanks in part by being just the second receiver ever to have multiple 1,600 yard seasons. At the time of his retirement, he was one of just three receivers to score 100 receiving touchdowns, and he was second all time in receptions for a receiver. He never received any personal accolades during his career, but he did lead the Miami Neptune to three championships over his 11 year career, and his name is scattered about the top ten lists for seasonal receiving records multiple times.




Chocolate Thunder, CB, @Turner


168 GP (S6-S8 Seattle Predators; S9-S10 San Antonio Wolfpack; S11-S17 Seattle Predators)

768 Tackles (2 TFL), 3 Sacks, 62 INT, 217 PD, 9 TD, 8 FF, 4 FR

3 Time EFL Champion

2 Defensive Player of the Year

3 Cornerback of the Year


Chocolate Thunder redefined what it meant to be a Cornerback in the EFL. Launching off from a college career that saw him become the first defensive player to win the Heisman, Thunder wasted no time making a name for himself in the pros. In just his second season, he set the all-time record for most Passes Defended in a season (which has since only been tied by himself two seasons later). Thunder also has the record for most Interceptions in a single season. He wasn’t just a single season standout either, as over his 12 season career he accumulated more Interceptions and Passes Defended than any other player in league history… and it isn’t even close. As if that wasn’t enough, Thunder has scored more Defensive Touchdowns in league history as well. A three time EFL Champion, Thunder won Cornerback of the Year three times and Defensive Player of the Year twice. Many players strive to become the best player to ever play; Chocolate Thunder achieved it.




Chandominick Sabathia, LB, @omgitshim


168 GP (S6-S17 New York Herd)

1,197 Tackles (51 TFL), 111 Sacks, 10 INTs, 104 PD, 16 FF, 9 FR, 1 TD, 4 Safety, 1 Blocked Punt

1 Defensive Player of the Year

2 Linebacker of the Year

S6 Rookie of the Year


Chandominick Sabathia was a big part of the New York Herd for his entire career. He started things off strong by winning Rookie of the Year in his first season and ending things with a bang by winning Linebacker of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year in his final season. In between, he was a solid player in the middle of the field who brought new meaning to the phrase Coverage Linebacker. Sabathia is the only linebacker in EFL history with over 100 Passes Defended, and he’s the only player to have over 100 Sacks and 100 Passes Defended in his career. He is also 3rd all time in Tackles and tied for most career Safeties. While his playoff record left much to be desired, Sabathia will still go down as one of the top linebackers in EFL History.

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