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Faithful.  Scholarly.  Skillful.  Courageous.  Ambitious.


These are the words that specifically defined my collegiate career as a proud member of the University of Southern California Trojans.  However, as I reflect back on my childhood upbringing in nearby Compton, California I realized that these are the words that have defined my journey from the very start.  In the lessons I have learned from my family, friends, coaches and neighborhood I can easily categorize them into these powerful adjectives.  Furthermore, these are words that will drive my career aspirations inside and outside of the gridiron as I begin my EFL journey.


I will be faithful to those whom I am serving.  I will be scholarly in how I approach life's various challenges.  I will be skillful in my studies and planning.  I will be courageous in the face of adversity.  I will be ambitious in the goals I set for myself.  


Yet I will not be solely defined by my accolades on the football field.  Yes I play football.  Yes I am a wide receiver.  Yes I catch passes.  Yes I score touchdowns.  But I am more than that.  I am bigger than that.  God has planted seeds within me that allow me to defined by something greater than athletic accomplishments.  


This is me.  


This is JuJu Williams.


This is who I am.

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Dear America,




When did you decide that I was a threat?

When I was first born?

When I learned how to crawl?

When I was able to walk for the first time?

When I could talk and put words together?

When I could read books about history's past?

When I graduated from high school?  Or college?  Or graduate school?

When I play the music that I love?

When I go to the store for Skittles?

When I wear a hoodie because it's cold and I want to be comfortable?

When I own a legal and licensed firearm?

When I wear a doo rag?

When I wear cornrows?

When I speak differently than you?

When I look suspicious to you?

When I I took a knee on the field to advocate against police brutality?

When I protest and speak my mind on my platform?

When I told you that Black Lives Matter?

When I vote for a candidate who wants to change this oppressive system?

When I go on a run?

When I drive in a white neighborhood?

When I have a cell phone in my hand?

When I have a wallet in my pocket?

When I breathe?




Let's be honest America.  You never loved me.  You never loved us.

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jujuwilliams New year for JuJu.  New season for the Growlers.  The journey continues as we look to continue building on some of the momentum from last season.  I've been in my quarterback's ear all off-season to just #givemethedamnball.  Shout out to my fellow Trojan @keyshawnjohnson.   

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Moving On



It’s been an interesting journey so far in the two year career of JuJu Williams. Joining the Growlers I had no idea what to expect; I simply joined because an acquaintance asked me to join.  I did the best that I could under those circumstances. The team hasn’t been great. The locker room has been rather quiet. The acquaintance who brought me there is no longer involved with the team. As a new leader was brought it, the team tried. He ultimately did the best he could and assisted me as needed. At the end of the day though, I am deciding to leave the Growlers and continue on a different path. Ultimately the reason was not about the winning and losing. It wasn’t about the leadership at all. If I had to pinpoint one thing that factored into my desire to change teams it would be scheme and game plan. At the end of the day, I’m a wide receiver. I want to impact the game. The Growlers, in our best effort to compete have decided to essentially become a ground and pound team. We run the ball 30-40 times a game because that gave us the best chance to win. I get that. I’m not mad at that. However, going into my third season I’m looking for a place that is more committed to the vertical game. I want a place and a team that’s going to be committed to throwing the ball. So with that being said, I am transferring away from the Growlers. However, I wish them the best on their continued journey. Stay tuned for my next moves. 

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