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1 minute ago, zekethatbeast25 said:

Fuck this Sim. Roswell ain't deserve that time management shit, should've been a closer game then this.

It was a 6-point game.

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0:531st and 10ROS - 44Onsides Kickoff by McKicking, K. Recovered by Williams, D. of the kicking team!!   Dom Williams recovers, and Roswell has it at their own 44 yard line! 53 seconds left

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1 minute ago, zekethatbeast25 said:

Fuck this Sim. Roswell ain't deserve that time management shit, should've been a closer game then this.

Weird flex, but okay. 

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1 minute ago, Jetsqb101 said:






Well can't say that wasn't a weird game, GG to @denns for almost pulling off an unprecendented comeback. However, now we move to 7-4, and show the league we deserve to be up there. The defense has been crazy all season, and we are going to have some more tough games coming up, so let's make the most of it. 


The offense was killing it this game for sure, @J.Dragon11 with some huge runs, including a 53 Yard TD, I ain't see that before. @Viperxhawks19 also pitching in with 70 yards, and showing that this RB duo is legit. Meanwhile @Nepto and company didn't do so bad themselves, WR core is for sure improving, I'm excited to watch @Matty7478 tear this shit up for the next 3 seasons. 


The defense up until the 4th quarter did their job, Mason is turning out to be one of the ECFA CBs we have ever seen IMO, and is doing his job for Anchorage this year. Herd as well, @RJ.2002. I'm so proud to coach yall, and you guys have done so much this year, keep up the excellent work!



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13 unanswered, wins by 13. 
35 unanswered, wins by 33. 
11 point lead into the 4th, nothing happening for pretty much the entire 4th. Wins by 8. 
outscores their opponent 28-7 in the second half, wins by 16. 
takes a 14 point lead into the fourth, wins by 10. 

Had a 20 point deficit at halftime, game comes down to an onside kick, that they recover, and then fall short. 

again I tell you all...







DVR-Athens has a chance to be the GOTW based on the score, but since Roswell mounted a comeback AND got the onside and got another play off, it seems fitting to have the drama trump the lack of drama down the stretch. 



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