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EFL Regional: Week of 6/29

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The MSFL Times



After the expansion draft put the first-ever players of the Minnesota Storm onto the roster, General Manager Renomitsu faced a critical day for the future of his new team at the Season 21 EFL Draft. After building a stout defense with the expansion draft, the Frontier entered the day in dire need of offensive playmakers. With the eighth overall pick, the Frontier had a bounty of players to choose from, but opted for a different haul:




New Orleans proceeded to select WR Kam Bam Chancellor, while Minnesota picked up three second rounders, allowing them to better fill out the roster. One of those selections turned out to be the first draft selection in franchise history…




… another linebacker? Spalding is surely another defensive standout, and with Abroham Drinkin nearing the end of his career, there's certainly roster space. He's definitely a player that you can envision being a huge piece for Minnesota for the duration of his career, but the rich got richer, as the Frontier's offense still needed major help. But as the selections slipped away, less and less offensive prospects were left on the board. However, making use of his resources, Renomitsu made his move…





The move to acquire Butter Fingers finally gave the Frontier a potential star on offense, with Fingers showing the promise of being a top receiver in the EFL. As opposed to simply selecting Chancellor at 8th Overall, Renomitsu now had his #1 receiver and more picks to work with. With no quarterback on the roster, there were concerns of how effective he could truly be, but another trade quickly provided us an answer…




Suddenly, Minnesota had their franchise quarterback with the young Pengu Lee. Entering his second season, that extra season of development could prove to be instrumental to the Frontier's competitive window. With the very next pick, Lee received another weapon…




With the expansion draft revealing Renomitsu's strategy to build a strong defense, the EFL Draft was quickly establishing that the Frontier would be looking to the air when it came to their offense. Jadeveon Pierre-Creek being paired with Butter Fingers quickly established an exciting future for Minnesota's passing attack. With the identity of the new team forming, the offense received another selection with the team's next pick…




While far from a flashy selection, Quentin Barnes' selection would nevertheless have a big impact. His abilities as a blocker could open up rushing lanes for the currently vacant HB position, along with buying Pengu Lee and his receivers time to work their magic as a pass protector. With Minnesota's last selection of the day (that they used), however, it was the defense's turn to add youth…




With expansion draft selection Luke Cafferty moved as part of the trade up for Butter Fingers, Renomitsu had created a slight hole defensively, but one that Jayson Cross quickly fills. With Cafferty on the back nine, Cross is a guy that certainly better factors into the Frontier's future. He might be a slight downgrade over Cafferty this season, but with continued development, Cross can be a big factor into the team's future. 


The draft finally complete, we'll now take a look at Minnesota's roster:




QB: Pengu Lee

HB: Victor Von Vanmort

FB: Quentin Barnes

WR: Butter Fingers

WR: Jadeveon Pierre-Creek


K: DeShaun Marion




LB: Rock Lemington

LB: Abroham Drinkin

LB: Jabari Spalding

LB: Tee Pee E

CB: Djibril Kabore

CB: Chondrichthyes Squaliforme

CB: Jayson Cross

SS: Santa Claus


With the drafts now over, Minnesota's inaugural roster was now set. With a strong defensive core built, and an offense set with a franchise QB, Pengu Lee and two young receivers in Butter Fingers and Jadeveon Pierre-Creek, the building blocks have been set. The passing game is critical in the EFL, and Renomitsu has built a team that will certainly be able to pass the ball for years to come. A solid defensive core, with placeholders to man the line until more future studs can be acquired, should do well with keeping the Frontier in games. They're a team that could surprise this season, but put themselves into that position without mortgaging the future. But with that said, there's only one thing left for the Minnesota Frontier to do: take the field.


We'll see you next week to go over Minnesota's first game in franchise history!


Jethro Novacek, an All-EFL Team selection at tight end, is a Danny Wuerffel Award-winning writer for the MSFL Times. He enjoys a good haircut, laughing at online dating commercials and ripping Manchester's hearts out.


Special thanks to @Pengu and @Enorama for their draft day graphics!!

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In the Mists with Twists Vol. 2



MADISON, Wisconsin - Hello and welcome back to volume 2 of In the Mists with Twists about your favorite Wisconsin Brigade. I can't wait to talk about everything Wisconsin, so let's see what we have on our plate today. This week we get to discuss both the preseason and the first two weeks of season 21!  We'll divide this article up into two separate parts, one being about the preseason and the other about the regular season.


While most teams had signed all of their players during the off-season, apparently Wisconsin and their GM was just too cool for that. After digging deeper into the rosters of the Brigade I found a new player had been signed during the preseason. He wasn't announced, there was no warning, was that a bad sign? Well, his name might give you some answers. Wisconsin signed Stephen Hawking. Yes, you read that correctly and I am just as confused as you are. He's been slotted in as a wide receiver. Now I'm trying really hard to not judge a book by it's cover, but I just don't see how this guy can possibly play the game of football, let alone play the athletically intense position of wide receiver. The only redeeming fact about this whole mess is I've heard rumors his scooter can roll a 40 in 4.5 seconds on a good day. Now that we have discussed that topic let's go ahead and pivot to our actual preseason game. In their one and only preseason match up Wisconsin crushed Miami 37 - 13. Renomitsu threw for 307 yards and 4 touchdowns with a QB rating of 158.3, while Trap rushed for nearly 150 yards. It was an offensive blowout. Greg was also on point hitting 3/3 field goals. Miami simply could do nothing to stop the overwhelming Wisconsin offense and therefore were easily defeated. 



Picture of newly signed Wisconsin player Stephen Hawking


Both week one and two of the regular season were just as easy as the preseason for Wisconsin. In week one Wisconsin took on New York, and won 42 - 23. Trap proved himself as an elite running back by rushing for over 100 yards and scoring 3 touchdowns. Renomitsu had another great game throwing for over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns with a 120.7 QB rating. Not only was Wisconsin a huge force on offense, but their defense showed up as well. Jacob's had 13 tackles and an interception that was returned for a touchdown. Week two proved to be a slightly closer game with Wisconsin once again defeating Miami 28 - 20. Trap ran for nearly 100 yards again, and scored 2 touchdowns this game. Renomitsu only threw for 268 yards this game for an additional 2 touchdowns and a QB rating of 116.7. Okafor had an incredible 15 tackles on Wisconsin's defense this game which also helped lead them to victory. All in all, this was a great showing for Wisconsin to start the season. This squad looks like the team to beat in the coming weeks. Watch out, the Brigade is coming for you!


That's all I've got this week, be sure to check in next week for more In the Mists with Twists!


Players Mentioned: @Renomitsu @Beowoof @Nykonax @JaysFan26

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The San Francisco Star: Frenzy Earn First Win

Expansion isn't supposed to be easy. Success usually first comes at the culmination of years of development, transactions, and of course, losing. The San Francisco Frenzy and the group of young talent they've assembled aren't here to lose, however, and are desperate to prove themselves as an exception to that rule. While it's far too early to claim the Frenzy as a legitimate playoff threat or anything similar, last night's game was a shining ray of hope. After a disappointing week 1 loss to a mediocre at best Denver Steam team, the Frenzy found themselves matched up with a familiar foe - the L.A. Reign. A 2 point heartbreaker preseason loss had the Frenzy thirsty for revenge, and by the end of the 60 minute game, they definitely earned it.


LA.pngLOS ANGELES REIGN (0-1) @ SAN FRANCISCO FRENZY (0-1) 5-ECB09-D9-71-B2-4-F0-A-9-C21-24-B17-AED

First Quarter

The Frenzy ended up winning the opening period 6-0, but that score barely tells the story of a back and forth match. After a quick start in the passing game, the Reign's first drive came to a sudden halt after Nick Vandal came through with a clutch tackle to force a turnover on downs. Despite this stop, it seemed the Frenzy remained simply outmatched. Their first go at it took them nowhere, and after punting the ball the Reign simply continued their march down the field. Just like alway, the team had too much fight. Hannah-Bell Lecter nabbed a tremendous interception, and now it was SF in control.


Lecter shows off his interception

They held onto the momentum to knock down two quick field goals before the break. Setbacks came, including a sack taken by QB Handsome Jack, but at the end of the day the team managed to put some points up on the board.


Second Quarter

Just when things started looking up, they came crashing right down. A slow start to the quarter by both teams took a turn for the worse when Jack was picked off and gave the Reign fantastic field position. They took full advantage, and after some big passes, the enemy had the first touchdown of the game.


Jack watches as his throw is picked off

The rest of the quarter was a defensive fight, and neither team could gain the edge. A couple punts traded back and forth brought the game to halftime, but the damage had been done. The Frenzy had dug themselves a hole, and would have to do their best to get out.


Third Quarter

Whereas the first half had consisted of one quarter dominated by each team, the third brought some actual back and forth football. Problem is - back and forth won't cut it while down 1. Big throws downfield from Jack to TJ Hendrix move the Frenzy quickly up field. They needed to actually finish the drive this time - with a trip to the end zone rather than a field goal. A 11 yard dart from Jack to top receiver Matty Thomas got the job done just fine, and the Frenzy regained the lead.


Jack and Thomas celebrate in the end zone

It appears the Frenzy let their guard down after taking a lead, and the Reign were happy to abuse this mistake. Griffintown came right back at them with a 44 yard catch, and suddenly the Frenzy's new lead was back in jeopardy. Marcus Briscoe managed to take a short pass in for a touchdown and the Reign remained up 1 as the third quarter buzzer sounded.


Fourth Quarter

After trading punts back and forth, the Frenzy finally started to get something going, with Handsome Jack marching the team down the field. A 30 yard throw to Matty Thomas moved them into the red zone. After a great connection in the last quarter, the duo got the job done once again. Jack to Thomas was the story of last night's game, and it might just be the story of the Frenzy's offense for years to come. The problem? They'd left time on the clock. Several big passes put the Frenzy on their heels, until Steven Stiffland came clutch with a forced fumble and the recovery. 


Stiffland emerges from the pile with the fumble

The Frenzy had the ball and the lead, and the clock read just two minutes remaining. Rookie Will Hemakeit would run out the clock, and that was it. The Frenzy had completed what few expected. The team showed enough to make viewers think that more wins are to come, but there's nothing like the first. San Francisco may have had to wait to finally get a team, but luckily it seems that they've gotten a great one. Jack, Thomas, and Hemakeit is a trio that will rip apart defenses for seasons to come, while Stiffland does his best to get those guys the ball back quickly. One win might only be the start, but better early than never.



Frenzy celebrate as time expires

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