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Hey all, here is the change log for the newest build of EFLO:


- Added a "Fillers Window" to EFLO where fillers are controllable by their users. This is controlled by EFLO Admins on the backend, and will be used to allow fillers to be updated after the rollover has occurred, during the offseason.

- A "Team Page" button has been inserted into the Player Section of EFLO Home.

- Added a Team Section to EFLO Home for GMs and HCs, with links directly to their Team Page and GM/HC Office, as well as a few points of data about their team.

- Added secondary tabs to the "Roster" section of the Team Pages. All tab displays all players as you previously have seen, and the Active tab now shows all non-filler players.

- Added a "Duplicate All" toggle to the Submit Manual Tasks section of Player Updates. You can now set this to yes, and all tasks being added will automatically duplicate to all of your active players.

- Added TPE Planner feature to EFLO.

- Added Player Comparison - Ratings feature to EFLO.

- Added Team Salaries and Upcoming Salaries features to EFLO.

- Player Stats on the Player Page is now in a collapsible container to fit the design of the rest of the page.

- Added an "Other" section to the Player Update sidebar, where you can hot swap to other players under your control. 

- Added more logic to properly unset your cookie when logging out of the system manually.

- Uploaded all Team Logos that were missing in the EFL and ECFA.

- Updated the Upcoming Draftees view to include all players in the final year of eligibility, regardless of TPE. Previously this only displayed players over the threshold and did not consider eligibility.

- Improved auditing for Importing Predictions. 

- Updated Player Comparison Ratings. Player now no longer have their own header/table and have cleaned up the look for a tighter, cleaner view. Page re-written to support multiple leagues.

- Updated TPE Planner. Page re-written to support multiple leagues. Minimum values are now enforced on ratings when using a template build.

- Regression Calculator has been temporarily removed in order to bring it in line with the standards we want to set in our system.

- Updated Player Creation, Re-rolls, and Editing. Weight is now a drop-down with values based on your position and build.

- There is now an Edit button on all Updates on the Update Dashboard for EFLO Admins. They can - at their leisure - more easily correct updates. Please refer to Turner on this.

- Warning alert added to Update Dashboard to notify updaters when an update includes tasks for one or more weeks where Clippy was utilized.

- All snapshots should now appear on a Player's Page.

- Team Page layout has been improved.

- Giveaways should now appear disabled if you are not eligible for any current Giveaways, have already claimed all current Giveaways, or there are no current Giveaways.

- Adjusted select borders for tabs across all EFLO Themes.

- Adjusted the shape and style of tabs on Team Pages and the Player Update page.

- Added a new view for Player Snapshots. You can search through these snapshots by player name and type of snapshot. Peak Snapshots are recorded the moment prior to regression, whereas every other snapshot is recorded after rollover, during the first moments of a new season.

- Added Player Names to Kobe posts for Clippy Claims and Exceptions.

- Added several tooltips to help the process in Player Updates.

- Cleaned up Player Names on Team Pages.

- Altered some text alignment on the Update, Submitted, Earnings, and Purchases tabs of Player Update to better align with data standards.

- Adjusted spacing between the +/- ratings on Player Update.

- Added First Submitted and Last Submitted timestamps to the Submitted tab on Player Updates, to allow users to easily see when they first and last submitted their current update.

- Added Update Status to the Submitted tab on Player Updates.

- Your Update Notes will now properly display and carry over when you submit additional manual tasks during the week, instead of being overwritten/deleted.

- Fixed a sorting bug on Team Pages. They now sort by APE Descending by default.

- Fixed a bug where moving a player via the GM Office would not consider extensions.

- Fixed a bug where Team Page Finances and Upcoming Salaries would not consider active contracts that were tagged as Extensions when calculating future season's budgets.

- Fixed a bug where being sent to the Maintenance page in some cases would place a user in an indefinite loop of redirects.

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