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Dom Williams press conference

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1. What is your favourite part of the EFL/ECFA so far?


2. What are your long term goals with your player? Are you going to make a 2nd player?


3. Who is your favourite EFL team?


4. Is Alex SonFire the greatest QB you’ll ever face?


5. Which ECFA has the best outlook going into next season?


6. Who is the toughest WR to cover?


7. How is Roswell’a AD to deal with?


8. What made you choose to go to Roswell?


9. Who is Roswell’s biggest rival?


10. If there was a chocolate bar you wanted and the Wisconsin Brigade team bus dangling over a cliff, which chocolate bar would you pick?


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1. Who do you model your game after (either NFL or EFL)?

2. What are your thoughts on the recent expansion teams?

3. If you had to pick a position other than your own to play, which one would it be and why?

4. Who's had the largest influence on your career success thus far?

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1. What pro teams do you dislike?

2. Favorite pre-game meal?

3. Do you listen to music pre-game?

4. Do you have a victory dance/celebration?

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