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EFL Regional: 7/26 - 8/1

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I need to be better at posting these on Sunday/Monday :D 

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The MSFL Times


The Next Frontier


MINNEAPOLIS - Following a 35-17 defeat against the Memphis Mambas to cap off a nine game losing streak, the Minnesota Frontier have finally reached the end of their inaugural season. The jubilation of their first victory in the season opener seemingly a lifetime ago, the Frontier would manage only one more win the rest of the way, finishing 2-14 and in sole possession of last place in the league. While every team claims that winning a championship is their goal every season, it's not much of a secret that progression was the true objective for Minnesota this year. 


"It's easy to say that development was the real objective when you wrap up a 2-14 season," stated Minnesota General Manager Renomitsu. "We got a solid start to our team with the Expansion Draft and the EFL Draft, but it takes some time to build a winner. We really like what we saw from guys that are in our plans for the long haul this season, and now that the season is over, we can work on getting them some help."




With the top pick in the upcoming EFL Draft, it's not entirely clear where Minnesota will go with that top pick. The prospect with the highest amount of practice hours is Cormorant Bumberpuff, the electrifying vertical threat tight end with the Hades Creek Phalanx. While tight end is an immediate area of need for the Frontier, is a tight end really the most practical selection with the first overall pick? Critics may cry foul, it does make sense. With no need for a quarterback or wide receiver, an impact player at tight end could really make life easier for Pengu Lee and Butter Fingers. Minnesota's offense ground to a halt when Fingers reached his cap, so adding another target for Lee could be a big boost for an offense that struggled mightily. 




Another prospect that would make sense to take first overall is the dangerous man coverage cornerback from the Anchorage Storm, Masood McCauley. Minnesota's secondary struggled during the past season, and McCauley has been an absolute stud. He led the ECFA with a staggering 13 interceptions, along with four defensive touchdowns. McCauley is also a threat in the return game, featured by a 98 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. Simply put, McCauley is an electric player that can help the Frontier in many ways. 


What makes the most sense, however, is a trade. The right package of selections would prove to be far more beneficial than just one player would. Cormorant Bumberpuff and Masood McCauley would both be excellent additions to the Minnesota Frontier, but my guess is that Renomitsu finds a team willing to pay a big price to move up to first overall. With the beatdowns on hold, it's an exciting time to be a fan of the Frontier once again!


Jethro Novacek, an All-EFL Team selection at tight end, is a Danny Wuerffel Award-winning writer for the MSFL Times. He enjoys Sean Couturier, banana muffins and the smell of molasses on a hot day.

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