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Danny DeVinter + Preston Piccard's Recruitment

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Hey EFL. I'm going to be recreating and my new guys will be playing next season. That means I've had coaches in my DMs, trying to get my players. Since I have a good relationship with most of these ADs, safe to say this will not be an easy choice. Today, I'm going to put down what each team told me about my players and my thoughts about the team. At the end, I'll release my current top-5. Meaning that it's a fluid top-5 and I could still go to any team outside of the top-5. There is no rhyme or reason in the order of which I list my thoughts about each team, so no speculation needed there. Keep in mind while reading, DeVinter is my RB and Piccard is my DB. 


GR Growlers - No pitch, shown interest. @Rayzor_7


Manchester Lookout - DeVinter: Would play WR for a season, then RB for rest of career. Piccard: S for one season, then flexibility to choose between that and CB for rest of career. Team thoughts: Has a very strong team for next season. Proven to be a good AD, consistently makes playoff trips but never any further. @Siddhus


Roswell Encounter - No pitch, shown interest. @denns


Trenton Generals - DeVinter: Spartan plans on moving one of his RBs to WR if I come. Piccard: Looking to slot me in at a nickel CB spot to fill a stacked defense. Team thoughts: Spartan outlined his defensive plan very well. I know how committed he is from other leagues, I know Trenton will excel. @Spartan


Anchorage Storm - DeVinter: Still not sure whether Zeke plans on adding me or Ngine as his other RB. Piccard: Getting slotted in as a CB3. Team thoughts: I know Zeke very very well, but have never played for him. I know that he’s a lethal recruiter and he built a team of guys I’m familiar with. @zekethatbeast25


Athens Carnage - DeVinter: Starting at RB from day 1 in a strong RBBC. Piccard: Starting CB alongside a Sophomore CB. Team thoughts: Despite wanting to reload for another Championship, Lefty is offering me the best playing time out of all teams. He’s proven to be successful with Athens and I also know him well from other leagues. @Lefty_S


SC Wraiths - DeVinter: Wants him to start as the final piece in a young offense. Piccard: I don’t know...other than he wants me and Flex. Team thoughts: Hero is my guy. Recruited him as a first gen in the SBA, he’s now my GM there. He did wonders in the SBDL and I know he’ll do the same with SC. Plus, I like the users he got on his team. @Underclass_Hero


DV Rangers - DeVinter: I don’t think he’s interested in him, although I swear he told me that I’d play WR for a season or two. Piccard: Grab him to replace a draft pick as the do-it-all player. Team thoughts: I was on Texas with my first players and Tac got me 3 championships with each. He also made the experience a blast. If there is any team I’d be safe picking, it would be the Rangers. @TacticalHammer


Lincoln Mammoths - DeVinter: No active RBs, I’d get the job immediately with great touches. Piccard: Bring me on to be the do-it-all guy in the secondary. Team thoughts: I wasn’t really considering Lincoln at all. That is, until Caboose pitched me. I really liked what I heard and the team situation is right for my players. @Caboose30


HC Phalanx - DeVinter: WR1 for a season with uncapping QB, then RB for career. Piccard: Will use me in any set, another do-it-all guy situation. Team thoughts: I know what Wally did for USC, especially for RBs. The team is looking strong, just needs to patch the holes and move forward. I also had my filler with Shark for a bit and I loved the LR. @Wally


BB Pirates - DeVinter: Nothing specific, just mentioned the offense was all freshman. Piccard: BBP has room for me and Flex. Team thoughts: Stacks hasn’t said much about the team and the players on it, or more specifically, how I’d fit in. That being said, I know he’s a top-tier coach and he’s def been in my DMs throughout this whole experience. @StackTheRacks12


Sacramento Venom - No interest. @Enorama



Without further ado, in no order, here's my top-5:


1. Trenton Generals


2. Hades Creek Phalanx


3. Death Valley Rangers


4. Savage City Wraiths


5. Anchorage Storm



Thank you for reading, and I'm still accepting pitches/conversations from those who have not sent in any yet and from those who'd like to talk more. ✌️

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34 minutes ago, TacticalHammer said:

Unfair no other team can tag-team like this.

Tag team to DVR and Trenton?

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