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If you are at 165-198 tpe after your update as of Sundays 2am deadline, you can choose to attend the combine this week and receive a boost to 199. If you attend the combine you MUST uncap this week. This means you will be in the S23 draft. 

You MUST post in this thread to be eligible for your claim. Link back to your post in your update thread. 

Player Name: 

Current Player TPE: 

Combine TPE: 

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3 minutes ago, Caboose30 said:

This is the filler

You have no need for this tpe then. The filler is a junior and can only earn to 200(apply only 100 until their draft). You have 7 weeks to earn 15 tpe. If you don’t what this filler for next season then I guess it’s fine, but you stop at 200 anyways, and again, have 7 weeks to earn 15 tpe. You’d HAVE to get rid of the filler in the next draft class by doing this. If you want them to be a senior then you can earn an additional 50 next season. 

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Just now, Caboose30 said:

But I can't apply any of it  until they get drafted anyways?

Correct. If you claim this then you claim 1 additional tpe and then you’re in the class next season and lose out on being a senior with the extra 50 next season. 

The spirit of this rule was for users players not fillers unless they planned on it being a recreate. 

So that’s why I said if you are not wanting to have this filler for next season, then you have 7 weeks to earn exactly 15 tpe and be at 200. 

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