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EFLO Updates: Clippy Upgrades

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Good evening/morning @Members,


Two important updates to Clippy have gone live tonight.


First, Clippy-based claims are now easily viewable on the Update Dashboard - which has received our next BS4 UI upgrade. As you can see below, Clippy-based claims will be denoted on the Update Dashboard going forward with (you guessed it) the paperclip icon. This should make recognizing these tasks much easier on our Updaters.




Second, which is probably a much bigger deal - Affiliate PTs are now available to be claimed via Clippy, entirely automated. Below you can see a section of your Account Settings labeled "EFL Integration" (this is labeled SBA Integration here in the EFL, as you are integrating with your SBA account). Log into your SBAO account with this (one-time only), and you're set!




Once you have connected, you will be able to browse to your Player Updates, where you can find the "Affiliate PT" button under Clipp-E. Click on that button, and any potential Affiliate PT claims will pop up, with the proper links and all. And yes - Clippy will make a post on the other forum denoting you claimed it as an Affiliate PT, too.




This feature is currently only available between the SBA and EFL. I have previously reached out to VHL commissioners for permission to utilize their system in the same way, but as of yet have not received any indication. 

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One more thing - Clippy claims will now only appear for you if your player was created before the task in question was posted. This will eliminate a lot of older tasks from appearing in your queue.

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