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To preface this, last night a few of us were talking in the EFL discord about stocks and such and it was brought up to have an EFL stock market, so I was into the idea, as were a few others, and I have been brainstorming off and on today about how to go about it....only to come to find out another league has already started this!


Oh well.

I didn’t want to let my work that I had done to that point go to waste so I’m going to trek forward. 

I want to say upfront, this is NOT for TPE, not yet anyways, and is strictly for fun and/or bragging rights.

I’ve been building a spreadsheet to manage most of the load and this will rely on you, the user, to enter your information and numbers. 

This is nothing more than a “beta” trial and error run at the moment and because of that, I’d like to  only bring in 10 users at the moment who would like to participate and help me with this to see how smoothly, or rocky, this may run for a few weeks. 

Your job will be to just use the sheet(once I get it done of course) and provide feedback on how things are working, what you like, what you don’t, etc, to help me tweak this for the future and hopefully be able to bring in as many people who would like to play. 

This will be first come, first serve.



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