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Hello friends!


Today we are bringing back reviewing (previously grading) to EFL. This is a topic Turner mentioned was being discussed during our off-season rules summit, and one that has been thrown around here and there for a while.


This will work similar to how our affiliates handle the reviewing of point tasks.


- Any user may review a minimum of four (4) point tasks (articles, graphics, podcasts) for 3 capped TPE. This essentially serves as job pay and now offers everyone the chance to earn 12 capped TPE for the week.


- Reviewing will consist of providing feedback to the user  (i.e. what they did well, what they can work on, what you as the reviewer particularly enjoyed, etc) and will approve/deny based on the effort put forth in the point task.


- When submitting an update you can link to your weekly post in the Review Logs Subforum. 


- If while reviewing you feel a point task lacks the effort deserving to pass as an approved PT please tag @oilmandan who will now be serving as our Head Reviewer.

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