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Chance sat behind a long table, staring out over a swarm of reporters shoving microphones and cameras in his face. A lot of football players receive this kind of attention, Chance thought, but not usually before they even make it into college. He was sat in his garage, converted to a make shift studio for an announcement either confirming or denying the rumours that had been circulating the media for the last few months. His mother was sat beside him, along with the family lawyer, shuffling stacks of paperwork.


It was a pleasant evening at least, and as the sun started to drop in the sky and a warm glow cascaded over everything and everyone inside, the murmuring of the crowd subsided and Chance took the opportunity to speak.


"Thank you for attending my announcement, I'm sure you're all very eager to hear the results and I'm excited to let you know - I will however answer some questions beforehand if there are any?"


Before he could even finish the roar of the reporters questions bombarded him for a few moments before he could pick one - 


"What are you hoping for Chance?"


"Well obviously regardless of the results, my mumma raised me and I'll always be her son - but this has the potential to change our lives and I would be foolish to go through life not knowing."


"Mrs Fore, what do you make of all this? How do you think Sports Daily got the story to start with?"


Chance's mum wasn't expecting to have to answer questions - this was his press conference, but she was kinda of involved after all.


"Well it all happened a long time ago, I don't have any regrets about my life back then, I just want what's best for my son and if he wants to know to settle this once and for all then that is what we'll do. I can't imagine how this whole thing started though, I don't think I ever told any"


"Chance, have you had any contact yet?"


"Not yet, everything has been through the lawyers, but I will be reaching out."


Chance thought for a moment and decided it was getting too hard to skirt around the topic any longer, "Who's ready to find out?"


A chorus of rung out affirming, before gradually quietening as the lawyer next to Chance started to open a manilla envelope.


Just a short moment later he looked up from the papers in his hand and said, "It's a match".


Pandemonium took hold of the room with reporters clamouring to get their questions heard, but Chance just sat their lost in his own head, this could open so many gates for me. This could be it. For real, the start of a dynasty. 


The lawyer and Chance's mum were trying to quiet the crowd down as cameras flashed and reporters quarrelled, but one question rung true through the noise - 

"Are you changing your name?"


Chance had thought a lot on this privately, he knew he didn't want to throw away the name of the woman who raised him, but he wanted the dynasty. He chuckled.


"I'm double-barrelling it."


"As soon as the paper work goes through, I'll be Chance Fore-Cream. Colt, if you're watching, you've got a son you didn't know about."


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