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Denver Steam Draft Preview

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For the upcoming Season 23 EFL Draft, the Denver Steam have the 3rd pick in the first round and the 2nd and 3rd pick in the second round. These early picks will be crucial to rebuild a team that went 6-10 the last season. Right now, they only have 7 players on their roster, so they will need to make a lot of acquisitions in this upcoming free agency and draft to start being a contender. Their biggest strength is certainly at Cornerback, which features their two best players: 7th year Riley Carswell and 5th year Vivian Allison. Their offense is led by two very young, but brimming with potential, players: Running Back Schitt Brickhouse and Quarterback Julian Falk. They also have a great young kicker Andy Mortensen. I predict that they will not draft at any of these positions, at least in the early rounds, due to them already being filled by such great players. With that being said, their strongest needs are at the D-Line, they only have one LB who seems to be inactive, and receivers, they have absolutely no Tight Ends or Wide Receivers. 


The consensus first overall pick is Safety Ronnie ScrewtheHerd Jr., who just had a great uncap season. This fits perfectly with the Minnesota Frontier, who have the first pick and are in dire need of a safety. At second pick, the Toronto Skyhawks are up. The next two best players are a runningback and a quarterback, both of which the Skyhawks already have filled with strong players. This means that either they will trade down, or pick the next best player in the draft, Linebacker Caleb Watt. This will leave the aforementioned running back and quarterback available for the Steam, which as I’ve said they already have. The next best player is Wide Receiver James Rambo. I think this is definitely the best pick for the Steam, as they don’t have a single receiver, and already have a great quarterback, running back, and kicker. Unless one of those players goes inactive or Caleb Watt is still available, they should definitely draft Rambo. It might also be a good idea to trade down if they are going to go with Rambo, since he is not projected to be the third pick. 


In the second round, the Steam have the 2nd and 3rd picks, thanks to a trade with Toronto. By this time, the top 13 players should be gone, leaving wide receivers William Richard Frostbeard and Nene Ka’i Kai and Free Safety Lincoln Lake as the three next best players available. They should take Frostbeard with the 2nd pick, and then since they most likely took Rambo with their first rounder, they should take Lake with their next pick due to their defensive needs. 


This will leave them with a rising star quarterback, a young running back, two great receivers, and a free safety. All of these players are under 3 years in the league, meaning they will have an amazing young core of players going into the next few seasons of the EFL. They will definitely be a dangerous team with this group of young guys, barring any of them leave in free agency or going inactive.


(this was supposed to be my 300 word beat writing report but it got so long so I decided to just do a full article lol)

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Solid formatting in terms of paragraphs, but I would have loved to have at least one picture headlining this one. Content wise, its great that you are breaking the draft down step by step, showing that you did not just spill some random things, but have done your homework. Plus points for predicting Rambo right.

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