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Frustrating Season Has Williams Ready For Draft

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Frustrating Season Has Williams Ready For Draft



SACRAMENTO - After winning three of their first four games of the season, things were looking pretty good for the Sacramento Venom. For Tye Williams, it was even better. He had become a household name as an absolute terror at linebacker, and after announcing his intentions to enter the EFL Draft, he was on Cloud Nine. The good times, however, didn't last. The Venom proceeded to lose eleven straight games, with a victory over the Savage City Wraiths putting them at 4-12. Although he continued to play well, it was a very frustrating season for Williams.


"Yeah, it was a very frustrating season, and I'm thrilled it's over," Williams bluntly stated at a press conference. "I have loved my time here at Sacramento, but I can't think of a much worse way to end my time here. The wheels just fell off and it felt like nothing worked anymore. You just had to put your head down, play your best, and hope that your hard work would change things. 




With 125 tackles, seven for a loss, three sacks, a forced fumble and two interceptions, it's easy to rule out Williams as a reason for the stunning collapse. However, his ability to persist and fight on will surely catch the eye of pro teams on draft day, where success out of the gate is no guarantee. Although the EFL's newest franchises took big steps forward this season, all four still missed the playoffs. With linebacker remaining a key need for many of these teams, the likelihood is high for Williams to hear one of them call his name early. 


"With the ECFA season over, I've absolutely put a lot of focus on where I could be going," stated Williams. "I've gotten calls from several teams with an interest in me, which is always a good sign, but it's not an indicator of where you'll end up. All I can do is focus on bettering myself and being as good and prepared as I can for whoever decides to draft me."


Linebacker is a deep position in the draft this season, a very convenient situation with many teams needing help there. Caleb Watt of Trenton is likely the first one off the board, with Williams likely not far behind. Allen Cabarkapa and Raj Krishna are both over 300 TPE as well, likely potential first round selections too. It's another weak crop at defensive back, which could likely see teams wait a bit to select from the depth of linebackers available. 




"There's nothing I can do about that," mused Williams. "I've made my case with my play and work ethic that I can be the cornerstone of a defense. That's ultimately going to be up to the EFL general managers to decide, but I'm here. They know what I can do, so if they go elsewhere, that's on them. It'll be on me to make it a mistake to have passed on me."


But for now, all that's left is waiting. The days can't go by fast enough with draft day just around the corner, with the anxiety of where your pro career will begin looming large. But one day at a time, the answer draws nearer, and the dream comes closer to being realized. 


Jethro Novacek, an All-EFL Team selection at tight end, is a Danny Wuerffel Award-winning writer for the MSFL Times. He enjoys the fine art of tossing the pigskin, watermelon kicks and the warm glow of campfires.

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I really like the "AP article" style you chose for this one. Good introduction to set the scene, embedding the quotes of Williams quite well and forming a conclusive end. My only gripe here is that the pictures are a tad too big on the desktop (not sure on mobile), but thats nitpicking.

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