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Welfare 11/15 - 11/21

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  • Any member may claim Welfare for 3 TPE by posting in the week's Welfare thread. This member can only earn 6 TPE that week, UNLESS they currently hold a league job. In this case the member can earn up to 9 TPE weekly. 
  • Any member who links to a full point task from one of our affiliates (SHL) may claim Welfare for 6 TPE. This member can also earn 3 TPE from job pay for a maximum of 9 TPE in a week.
  • Any member who links to a full point task from our partners, the Simulation Basketball Association and the Victory Hockey League, may claim welfare for 6 TPE, plus earn up to the maximum in a week. That means they are eligible to earn up to 9 TPE without a job and 12 TPE with a job.
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