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S24 ECFA Week Six

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Your presentation was great, no worries. It ramped up the drama and had fun gifs and spoiler tags, while still keeping things moving at a good pace. If some people want to be downers, it's nothing to

Fuck this garbage league and its rigged sim engine.

2nd Quarter Scores: 10 - 7 0 - 24 3 - 35  21 - 16 14 - 0

14 minutes ago, Wally said:

But I owe you inserting a cactus into my bum?  Want my OnlyFans link?  Or we just doing this one pro bono?

And Wally yes, definitely that OnlyFans link 🙌🏻. No cactus for you though, we never argued about anything. Though I may need to post some form of cactus fetish video or something to pay off any fines I get from all this lol

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1 hour ago, LittleRiDog said:


Clearly we were still hungover from last night's celebration. Would've been nice to win this one, but ah well. 


Fenton and Young stepping up on offense again, you love to see it @fishy @Zyrok


Another TFL for Beoulve, and Banks and Broccoli combined for a fumble turnover! @diamond_ace @Maki Hiro @Mongoose87


Back at it Monday!

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