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Moose Announces EFL/ECFA Exit: Novak to Finish This Season, McNair After the Next

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            It’s been a harsh season for me as a player and as a member of this league. I’ve said a great many things about not only players, simmers, but the league in general. A lot my initial sentiments were aimed as a part of my “character” in this league as “Heel McNair”, obviously in reference to my Linebacker Oliwer McNair. As time has gone on, I’ve come to the place where I stand by those initial thoughts and quite frankly feel I could expand on them if I felt the desire. Heel McNair or Heel Moose has stopped feeling like a character and through whatever whim of the sim engine has become very real and it’s not a place I feel comfortable being in. This year’s stuff, along with the growing number of personal issues, and of course the injuries I’ve suffered during it have kinda shined a light into just how unhappy I am and how much manic depression has returned to influence my life. For that reason, I am officially announcing today that as of the conclusion of the S25 ECFA season I will be retiring from the league and moving my focus back to purely VHL duties.


            I will uphold my obligations to finish out my season with Trenton as Jensen Novak in S24, retiring him at this season’s end, and will play out Oliwer McNair’s final season in S25 and will do the same following that campaign. I want to thank @Spartan and the Trenton Generals organization for recruiting me in for a wild ride from an unlikely Cinderella story, to a National Championship, and even this season. I want to give a special shoutout to @fonziGG for being my premier receiver throughout my tenure, all of our RBs (Spartan, if you could handle those tags lol) and of course our defense who got us where we were the first two seasons of my career. Thank you Trenton and I hope we can end McNair’s career next season on a high note.

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Thank you, my friend. I'm sorry that I couldn't do more for you this season. It's on me to improve your play and quite simply, I've failed. At the least, I'm glad I was able to help you win a championship. Let's finish this season strong, and then keep our sights set on a huge season for McNair next season.

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