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Talkin' EFL with Kyle and Turts, questions/announcement post

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Hello all, @Turtsand I are now making a new podcast to rival lefties and Sid's, as seen in the title, this will be a post for questions for the eventual podcast and also an announcement post so you know. Thank you, and we can't wait for our new podcast with whoever we get as a guest host.

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1) With the recent changes in GMs, what's the best move a new GM can make to increase interest from draftees and potential FAs?

2) Users approach the ECFA along a spectrum, with one end being "I'll send any player anywhere I want!" and "I want both of my players to go to the same place." Where do you fall in that range?

3) When are teams like the Growlers and Venom going to be competitive in the ECFA?

4) What's the most and least enviable job in the EFL?

5) When do you think the tide will turn, and the EFL conferences will even out? Will the ECFA conference powers ever change -- or, perhaps more relevantly, are we seeing them change now?

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What are the biggest keys to the Herds bounce back start to this season? 

What is your bold prediction for the cross division games in the EFL and ECFA?


Will the Frenzy be able to keep up their hot start now that the EFL is well aware of their one dimensional offense?  

What’s more important in today’s EFL, a top notch offense, an elite defense or balance across the board?



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What is your spirit animal?


How many toes do you have?


Describe a time when you were scared shitless.


Pick anyone in our community you want to be your daddy.

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