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ECFA Legends Championship Preview: How they got here

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The most anticipated matchup in the ECFA Legends Conference is the Hades Creek Phalanx vs the Death Valley Rangers for the chance to make it to the title game. However, let's take a look at how the teams got their before the upcoming matchup.


The Hades Creek Phalanx started off the season with 4 straight wins by two possessions or more. They then lost to the Death Valley Rangers in a close game, 17-10, before racking up 10 straight wins including a crucial victory over the Athens Carnage which would give them home field advantage should they advance to the title game. With nothing to really play for, the Hades Creek did not play their hardest in the regular season finale and lost to the Death Valley Rangers yet again.


The Hades Creek Phalanx had the best offense in the league and relied heavily on their 1-2 punch of Holloway, who had 2,115 receiving yards and 20 rushing touchdowns, and Kazmeir, who had 1,990 rushing yards and 21 rushing touchdowns. Together, they combined for an insane 4,105 rushing yards and 41 rushing touchdowns. Adrienne played the role of game manager this season for the Phalanx and compiled 2,193 passing yards to go with 14 touchdowns on 64% completion percentage. It's hard enough to stop the offense when wither Kazmeir or Holloway are clicking but you can't forget about Adrienne either which makes this offense so unstoppable.


The Hades Creek Phalanx also has the best defense as well. They only allow 12 points per game and hold their opponents to 276 yards and only 143 rushing yards which are both first in the league. Their passing defense is not perfect though as it is below average and 8th in the league. Holloway was the dominant player on defense for the Phalanx as he led the team in tackles and TFLs with 116 and 10 respectively. He also put up 5 sacks but Uso led the team there to go along with 91 tackles and 6 tackles for loss. In the secondary, Ryker led the league in picks with 8 interceptions and had 11 pass deflections. There may be a few holes to exploit but this is a very stout defense.


The Death Valley Rangers on the other hand would start off 4-1 and hot including the victory I mentioned earlier over the Phalanx. However, they lost a close matchup to the Carnage and they started to slide going 3-3 in their next 6 games including the Carnage matchup. However, Coach Tac was able to gather the team back up and they finished the season off with 5 straight wins to finish 12-4 and 2nd in the division.


The Death Valley Ranger offense is pretty average in the grand scheme of things. They averaged 19.5 points per game which was 7th in the league and averaged 321.6 yards per game which is also 7th. Their rushing offense is their strength which averages 213 yards per game which is good for 4th in the league. Fenton leads the team with 2,100 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns while newcomer Shoyo Hinata comes in as a change of pace back who finished the season with 1,227 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns on the season. They may not be as good as the Holloway/Kazmeir duo but they have been on fire the last couple of weeks. After SonFire left for the EFL Draft, Popopo came in as the starting QB for the Death Valley Rangers and it wasn't an easy season to say the least. He finished with 1,739 passing yards and 9 touchdowns on 57 completion percentage.


The Death Valley defense really carried the team despite the offense's shortcomings. They were 3rd in the league only allowing opponents to score 12.9 points per game (good for 3rd in the league). Opponents averaged a bit over 300 yards per game (5th in the league) and were stout in the run defense, allowing only 165.4 rushing yards per game which is 3rd in the league, but were mediocre on pass defense which was 9th in the league. Beoulve led the team in tackles with 121 on the season to go with 4 TFLs, 2 interceptions, and 4 pass deflections. Wyatt led the team in TFLs with 10 to go with 107 tackles and 1 sack. Eliason led the team in interceptions with 3 to go along with 8 pass deflections and 62 tackles.


Overall, the defense are pretty similar and I don't think there is too much that differentiates them. However, the offense is where Hades Creek really has the advantage in my opinion. This will all come down to whether Hinata and Fenton can step up and match Holloway and Kameir. If they can, which they are certainly capable of, then it rests on the hands of each teams QBs. While I am a Death Valley Ranger, the QB matchup heavily favors Hades Creek. However, this is playoff football. Anything can happen any given Sunday? or Saturday since it's the development league? Whatever, the point is that anything can happen and this matchup will be a fun and close showdown that which will most likely come down to the wire.


For a more in-depth preview: https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/18526-s24-ecfa-conference-championship-preview/&tab=comments#comment-278070



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Excellent job here - I wouldn't call my preview more in-depth at all, because you did a great job of breaking down what was interesting about this matchup. I of course wish that it would have gone the other direction, but it was a great battle indeed. The article was broken down in a way that makes sense talking about each team's offense/defense then the big picture, and other than some small grammar stuff in the last paragraph like "Kameir" and "showdown that which will" it was very clean for a long piece. My only suggestion: Maybe some team name subheads to separate each team's section? Overall spectacular though, great breakdown!

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