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Denver Steam Draft Preview

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After going 5 and 11 in the regular season, the Denver Steam will have the fourth overall pick in the upcoming Season 25 draft. Last season, the Steam had 2 first round picks and drafted Cornerback William Joseph and Tight End Raymond Bernard, both of which have slotted into the team very well, and are leading candidates for Defensive and Offensive Rookies of the Year. They also used 3 of their 6 second round picks to draft a few more rookies, a Wide Receiver, a Strong Safety, and a Cornerback, who have all added great depth to the Steam’s young roster. 


The top four players in the upcoming draft are Free Safety Renata Goncalves, Quarterback Cole Kelley, Cornerback Dash Kelley, Wide Receiver Jurgen Flugel-Hagendorfen, and Runningback Xavier Holloway. The reason I listed the top five players is because Goncalves will be a GM pick, meaning only Minnesota will be able to draft him. The Brigade already have a good quarterback, so they will most likely opt for Cornerback Dash Kelley. The Reign currently do not have a QB rostered, so Cole Kelley would be a good choice for them at the second spot. The Herd only have one wide receiver aside from 9th year veteran Jeff Downey, so Flugel-Hagendorfen is a great option at three. That leaves Running Back Xavier Holloway as the best player available for the Steam, which actually is a great fit for them. Currently, the Steam has only one running back rostered, fifth year Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, but he appears to be inactive. In fact, Holloway already has more tpe than Werbenjagermanjensen!  Drafting a runningback would add to the Steam’s growing arsenal of young, talented players with a lot of potential, and is at a position that they have a lot of need. If they decide that defense is more of a priority, Linebacker Luke Holloway, the sixth best player in the draft, might be the way to go, as the Steam have only one rostered linebacker currently.


Along with the fourth overall pick, the Steam also have the 16th, 20th, and 28th picks. Currently the Steam have no Safeties, so drafting Strong Safety Ramya Beoulve, who just happens to be the 15th best player in the draft. It’s unlikely that every play will be drafted at their ranking, so Beoulve will probably be available for the Steam. Likewise, the Steam’s best option for their 20th overall pick is Linebacker Joshane Battier, the 20th best player in the draft. When we get to the 28th overall pick, we get into the inactive players, which most GM’s tend to just skip over. There are a few options here, like linebacker Christopher Lionheart and free safety Robbin Banks (both inactive) but it will be up to Ridog to determine if they are even worth drafting. 


In summary, barring any major trades, I predict this draft will be fairly defensive focused for the Steam, aside from their first round pick which will likely be used on a runningback. The Steam have gotten progressively better throughout the last few years, and have built a very strong offense, led by Julian Falk, James Rambo, and Raymond Bernard. However, they are severely lacking at the linebacker and safety positions, which they will need to fill in the upcoming draft or free agency if they want to start being truly competitive. 

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Solid article. You did a great job in dissecting which teams would likely get what player and providing some background info into why. In covering the Denver Steam, you also provided the reader with just enough info (draft picks and current roster outlook) that they would have a better understanding why you would believe certain players may be drafted by them. Both the formatting and the flow of the article was good. Definitely a great breakdown of the teams choices 👍

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