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Recruitment Process - Bryce Greening

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After his great high school career Bryce really was excited and looking forwards to his college career. He thought he would get very many offers based off his high school performances. That's why it came as a surprise to him as he got no offers through his first 2 months after high school. Because of this he decided to talk to his best friend Hank who had been getting lots of offers. Hank told him a good idea was to make a player brand and also go to and host lots of workouts to showcase his skills. Bryce decided then to create a workout camp for him and other members of his former high school team. Even after this, Bryce was still only getting offers from very small schools. His player brand wasn't really picking up either. His last resort was to go around and ask big colleges to recruit him and come to his workouts. All denied. After a while of thought, and asking many colleges who all denied him because they did not know of him, he decided to go overseas and play in Europe and Asia until he got a college offer. He expected this to get colleges to notice him because he would be going against adult men. In Europe he excelled, even winning rookie of the year in the short European season. After that, he tried Asian football. He excelled even better, performing magnificently. He won MVP and the championship. Because of this, he stayed in Asia and trained, thinking he might have to stay there for his whole career. After a while, he decided to come back to America when he only had one month left to sign to a college. Still, when he came back to America, he had no offers whatsoever. Him and Hank started looking for colleges to recruit him, even Hank was spending tons of time helping colleges notice him. Sadly, nobody noticed him, and Bryce thought he would have to go to some small college and his dream of becoming a football star in the name of his mother would be crushed. This almost drove him into depression and suicidal thoughts. But then, in the last week before he would have to go to a small college, Death Valley University took notice of him. They came to one of his workouts and were very impressed with him. They decided to come to even more, and eventually, gave him a full scholarship for football. He was very grateful to be going to such a good college instead of some obsolete small place. He even credited the college with saving his life from suicide and depression, as they gave him an opportunity to fulfill his dream and succeed in the ECFA and EFL. He cannot wait until he can go off to Death Valley, to meet his new team and have fun playing for them and helping them win games and succeed as a team. That is his recruitment experience and how he signed with Death Valley.

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Great stuff here! Between the Phalanx and Rangers, I think you've picked two great squads to learn from (while also putting yourself on two sides of a rivalry). When it comes to the article itself, I think it worked well, giving the story of your recruitment in a fun fashion. I didn't notice anything off grammar-wise as well. But the one thing I will say: This article needs paragraph separation. Just having one long block of text makes it very difficult to read, and if it was broken up into even 3 or 4 different sections I think it'd work a lot better. But all in all nothing that I'd dock for, hope to read more from you upcoming!

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