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*All dates are tentative and subject to change*

*Please note that times will now reflect Pacific time*


1/4: EFLO Rollover-TRAINING CAMP AND SPRING TRAINING NOW OPENS WITH ROLLOVER *At this time if you have an EFL player and want to retire but still have them play one final season, you may elect to retire at the end of the season and start to uncap or recreate in the ECFA. CONTACT AN ADMIN IF YOU ARE WANTING TO DO THIS*


1/8:  ECFA Championship 


1/8: EFL Championship

1/8: By 11:59PM All extensions/ resignings must be in or players will head to free agency.  This will now be done on EFLO. Be sure to check your update pages for new offers from your GMs. 


1/9: At 12AM Teams may begin to talk with pending free agents, but MAY NOT post any contracts until FA opens. 


1/10: Offseason Begins 12:01AM At this time any retirements posted will allow the player to play out S24(if they choose), but they cannot be updated. *Any update in prior to retirement will be honored, EFLO MAY reject this, please keep an eye on it. It WILL affect your carryover if you expect to submit one last update and then EFLO flags you retired immediately and deletes your update* *I don't believe this is an issue any longer, but just keep an eye on it, JIC*


1/12:  Free Agency Opens at 12:01 AM


1/12: S24 ECFA Signing Day opens 12PM Pacific


1/14:  Season 24 Draft: Time: TBD


1/15-1/16: ECFA and EFL Awards Shows: Time: TDB


1/16: Free Agency Closes at Update Deadline


1/17-1/19: Finalize rosters, file work, make sure EFLO is working properly, misc. checks and balances. 


1/20: ECFA Preseason


1/20: EFL Preseason


1/21: ECFA Week 1


1/21: EFL Week 1


1/22: ECFA Week 2


1/22: EFL Week 2

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