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Pirates vs Phalanx Review

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Pirates vs Phalanx Review

Following a solid 8-8 record in the regular season, the Biscayne Bay Pirates made the playoffs as a 4 seed in their conference. Their matchup was none other than the Hades Creek Phalanx, the top dog in the Legends Conference who held a nearly flawless record of 14-2 going into the postseason. These teams met two times in the regular season which resulted in two comfortable victories for the Phalanx. However, everyone in the football world knows that anything can happen when the playoffs are involved.


The Biscayne Bay Pirates are not your typical 8-8 fringe playoff team when it comes down to the numbers. They hold the third best total yards per game average and rushing yards per game average in the entire league which resulted in the fourth best scoring offense out of the 12 ECFA teams. While their defense allows the sixth most points, they are quite stingy when it comes to allowing yardage. The Pirates were second best against the run, fourth best against the pass, and third best overall from a yardage allowance perspective.


On the other hand, the Hades Creek Phalanx boast top of the line offensive and defensive units. They tout the most potent offense in the ECFA with the highest points per game and yards per game average. The Phalanx live up to their name with outstanding defense as well. Heading into the playoffs they held the second best scoring defense and the best rush defense and total defense in the league. Clearly this team has the talent to dominate this matchup, or any matchup for that matter, but let’s take a look at how things played out.


The Biscayne Bay Pirates received the opening kickoff and began their postseason at their own 12 yard line. The Pirates elected to start things off with a heavy dose of their talented running game. They chipped their way down the field slowly but surely and eventually found their way into the end zone on the opening drive which included 13 plays (11 of which were runs). Maybe this team does stand a chance! The Phalanx answer with an emphasis on the run game as well, but they find a pair of big plays through the air to spark a touchdown drive of their own. Looking to reclaim the lead, Biscayne Bay drives all the way down to the red zone. However, an unnecessary roughness penalty stalls the drive. The Pirates settled for a 43 field goal which was knocked through with ease. Now the Phalanx look to answer once more, but they find themselves behind the sticks with a penalty of their own. Adrienne forces a pass into double coverage on 3rd and very long which resulted in a pick six for the Pirates! They storm ahead with a 10 point lead. This Phalanx team knows they have the talent to win this game and they don’t get discouraged. They cap off a 76 yard drive with a 4 yard rushing touchdown to bring it to a 3 point game. A three and out from the Pirates leads to excellent field position for the Phalanx. With only 4 minutes left in the half it’s looking like the Phalanx will at least the things up before the break, but they fumble the ball! Biscayne Bay takes advantage and hits a field goal just before halftime. Following an unsuccessful drive the Phalanx punt it away to the Pirates who are marching down the field early in the 3rd quarter. Unfortunately they have their first turnover of the game in the form of an interception which is nearly returned for a touchdown. One play later and the Phalanx have taken the lead. Nothing doing for the Pirates as they try to answer, so they send out the punt team. The punt is blocked by Hades Creek! Once again they have found themselves with wonderful field position, but can only manage a field goal in the end. The Phalanx take a 4 point lead heading into the 4th quarter with the Pirates driving. A penalty and a sack kill the momentum and force yet another punt. And a 3 and out for the Phalanx gives the ball right back to Biscayne Bay. A pivotal 4th and 2 near midfield ends with a drop by Johnson, but Hades Creek can’t put anything together on offense and they punt it right back. The turnovers continue as Prince III throws another interception which is returned to the 7 yard line. An easy touchdown on 3rd and goal capitalizes on yet another second half mistake from this Pirates team. Following the kickoff, Prince III doesn’t learn his lesson and turns the ball over once more. Two plays later and the Phalanx are in the end zone yet again. The offense has barely had to work on their scoring drives this game as the defense has put them in outstanding position all game long. The Pirates manage to score a touchdown late in the game, but it was too late for the comeback. 

Unfortunately, the Biscayne Bay Pirates squandered their opportunity for an upset as they made mistake after mistake in the second half. Their offense and special teams set up the opponent’s offense countless times in the second half which really hurt the Pirates chances in this one. Final score: Phalanx 37 Pirates 27

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This was a great recap of one highly anticipated matchups. You went into extensive detail in describing both teams strengths and weaknesses while also giving us a brief overview of what the season has been like for the two teams leading up to their playoff game. As for the summary of the game, it’s easy to say anyone would’ve gotten the full picture by reading this article. Easily. Good job! 👍

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