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The EFL has meant so much to me. I joined here on April 8th, 2019 and 3 days later, on April 11th, 2019, I sent @TacticalHammer a DM stating "Are u need of a cornerback?". We went onto exchange that he didn't need one but he would have a redshirt slot open, causing me to become a redshirt. No offence to any any ADs at that time, but that was one of the best decisions I have ever made on this site. Tac became a mentor for me, so my first thank you is to him. I am glad we can call each other friends and that if I ever need anything I could reach out. He also helped Vince become a Heisman as both a WR and an AD, and helped him win some championships in the NCAA and EFL, so thanks for that.


My second thank you goes out to @Jetsqb101. He probably won't even read this since he hasn't checked the site much recently but thanks for drafting me dude. When I got drafted to Memphis, I was nervous as I really wanted to go to Flex and Seattle but clearly you drafting me was the right thing for both sides. Thanks for getting Vince those weapons and allowing for him to win the MVP award and win some championships. I aspire to be a GM as good as you and am glad to call you a friend as well. I'm not just going to go around thanking everyone though as that would take too long, but I wanted to thank my "main GM" and my AD. 


The BOD gave me an AD spot in S16, and I became the coach of Miami. I was very thankful for this decision and I built some championship squads (admittedly in a weaker conference), and then when we rebranded to the ECFA, Roswell finally won in S19. Shoutout to everyone on that team, such @StackTheRacks12 (Still snubbed from Heisman idgaf), @Latti@denns, and @Lefty_S (Sorry if I didn't mention you not about to mention everyone on that team). As I mentioned the other day, that team was probably the most fun I ever had in any sim league so thanks to the Bod for that opportunity, as I'm sure they were already questioning their decision once they saw the thread I was announced on (If you know you know).


I stepped down from Roswell AD once I was announced as an expansion GM. I was very surprised when I saw I was chosen as the expansion GM as during that time I had frankly became kind of a little idiot and was acting up a lot. I was thankful for this opportunity and I hope to build a championship squad in Denver. 


Anyways I'm done with my little rant and thanking people so now let's talk about what the EFL means to me besides giving me jobs and things of that nature. The EFL is a great community and I can thankfully say I have made some friends here (along with a few enemies haha). The EFL accepts everyone no matter what race, color, gender, stuff like that, which is obviously great to see. This year has been pretty rough on me as I was always a very social person and always wanted to hang out with people and due to this covid 19 pandemic I couldn't do that. While I was still here before covid of course, I definitely was online so much more due to covid and thankfully, the EFL was a place that I could jump onto at any time and either check the site and look at sim stats or go into the discord and talk to lots of cool people. While I can admit that lots of the time in discord chat (especially in the past), I was frankly a dick or just making fun of people for no reason at all, I really am working on that. So in a weird way, I can say that the EFL helped change me into a better person.

I've been here for nearly 2 years now and I can say that I don't regret joining this site or even doing work for the site as it is all in a fun environment and full of great people. I have made lots of online friends through the EFL and even if my players were absolute trash I could still say I would love being a member on this site, so the fact that my players (or player since Riley kinda sucks lol) could make the HOF is absolutely wild. Anyways this is like nearly 800 words so I should probably stop, but lastly I want to thank every BOD member, either current or former, for all the work they do. The site couldn't run without y'all so thanks to y'all for taking time out of your day to spend on this league. My rant is over thank you.



Transferred over from the below so I can claim as an article (was allowed by Pat since it's over 800 words)


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