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A Krakenstrophic Loss

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Welcome back to An EFL Network Interview with Latti! After a few seasons' break, I'm back getting the inside scoop around EFL organizations. This time around I was able to catch @zekethatbeast25 to discuss the recent Kraken loss in the EFL Season 24 Championship game and get some insight on the game as well as New Orleans' plans going into the offseason.


Latti: How hard was it to deal with being being able to go 15-1 only to get destroyed in the championship game?

Zeke: It sucked. I stopped watching the game mid way through. I really thought we were going to win after the first quarter. In the end all it means is going back at it next season


Latti: Do you think there was anything you could've changed in the gameplan that could have lead to a win?

Zeke: Yea. I think we should’ve tested the passing game more. Plus our defense should’ve stepped up more than they did. Allowing 50+ points is not good, and definitely not what we've come to expect from our defense. We're gonna need to take a real hard look this offseason to see how we can prevent something like this from happening again.


Latti: Do you have any idea how a defense that was so solid the whole season crumpled on the biggest stage?

Zeke: Firstly, there's no excuse for the way the defense played in the second half. However, the Frontier’s offense is amazing. And they just outplayed us that day, props to them. @Renomitsu has put something real special over there in Minnesota. 


Latti: What are your plans for this offseason?

Zeke: Sign a big name FA for our defense. Get some more depth on offense as well. We just really want to solidify this team to be ready to be back in the championship next season.


Latti: Are there any key signings or big draft-day trades in the cards?

Zeke: Well I’m going after dope, there's a lot of areas of his game that I think can come of great use to our team. But we are still in need of a 3rd LB and another TE so I plan to scour all of FA for that.


Latti: Any predictions for next season?

Zeke: I think we have another solid chance at being first in our conference, if we can sign a big name FA, and get some more depth on our roster. I truly believe we will win it all next season.


As always, Zeke was a wonderful person to talk to and a great character to be around. Whatever is in store for Nola, I'm sure he be at the front ready to take it on in Season 25. Although falling short of the finish line last season, the Kraken seem to not be distracted as they prepare for next season, signaled by their trade for Frank Funk. This team is gearing up for another deep run into the postseason, led by @omgitshim Peter La Fleur and @Playoff Lonzo Oscar Jebaseelan on offense, followed by @Turner Gustav Palpaturner and @denns Jalen Fleck on defense! Don't forget about the New Orleans Kraken in Season 25!




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Great interview piece. It's always nice to get a more personal peek at what is going on in the heads of the GMs around the league. Especially those who made it to the finals of the EFL. You touched on some interesting points that I'm sure many around the league would've wanted to know. Having the different font colors definitely helps differentiate between interviewer and interviewee and I also liked that you had a little insert about what NOLA would be looking like coming into Season 25. Can't say I have much else to say for this one. Good job 👍 

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