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My Top Four Moments In The EFL

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Plenty of moments and milestones in my time in within the EFL. Its hard to manage to break them down to four but I tried my best, I may need to come back and drop four more nuggets for this one. Lets break it down.


4. The Careers of Apollo and Clinton King


Yin and Yang, man. We all had a starting point and these two have made me proud at every junction for my time in the EFL. Since creation, I knew they were destined for greatness and its good to watch them grow step by step. Apollo on his way to break multiple EFL records, pushing to be one of the greater Running Backs in EFL history, nowhere near the point of slowing down. Clinton making many movements not only in collegiate teams and sparking controversy for being such a slut but also being honored to having the Line Backer of the Year Award named after him. Both being drafted in the same draft by the same GM @oilmandan. All coming full circle as they played in High School. Its beautiful to see how their careers play out.


3. Becoming an Athletic Director.

It's really crazy being a lead of the team in a sim league. @MMFLEX hit ya mans up and said that I'm ready to make the leap. Started off making the NCAA team and bringing the Florida Gators to the fold. Before I can see the blue and orange take the field, the ECFA happened and now their legacy lives on with THE Biscayne Bay Pirates became a lifestyle, not just a collegiate team. I spoke a bit of this in the "What does the EFL mean to you?" post, Every moment is different. The users make it all worth it. Even the ones that choose not to come to South Florida.


Like seriously. Who doesn't wanna be a Pirate?! Lol The competition is lively and its always a motivation to be better than the day I was before. I love being in this position forreal. Heading into my seventh season as an AD and not slowing down. Lets do it right, bois!


2. My First Recruit


The funniest thing that when i looked back on the list of players that have joined the Pirates, the dominoes always fall after the first one that commits. Its funny how this one lead to @Turner as he was my first ever recruit that became a Pirate. Nicknamed as "The Helmsman" he righted the ship to our greatest regular season and he was also the Heisman trophy winner of his last campaign with us.


Fitting how it all played out because he helped me grow into an even better AD for the guys we have now, the leadership was always a good thing to have when I was so green. Thanks again for all your help, man. That brought along so many players that joined the Pirates. @AW13, @Spartan, @Beowoof, @Malikk Quadri, @Lefty_S, @Renomitsu, @Sokatre, @UZI®, @jhatty8, @MattyIce, @zekethatbeast25, @diamond_ace and the list goes on and on. Fortunate to never have a player transfer from Biscayne Bay, a testament to the guys that come here and help build this team to be one of the best out there. Even got into getting a guy that started off how I started out on the AAD side of things with @firstfray becoming the first AAD in our history.


Like I said before, its the domino effect to the fullest extent. The future of the Pirates always begins with that 1st recruit.


1. Prepping For My Next Line of Players


This is an interesting one because the actual action hasn't happened yet but its always fun looking into the future. I brought up Apollo and Clinton earlier and they mean a lot to me but like all player's careers, they never last forever. I've already decided that my next line of players will be a Wide Receiver and a Free Safety. Both players that will be on the market so I'll go back into the recruitment portal on both sides. Mostly because that's too damn easy for me to build up the Pirates but I rather have new users wear the Pirates colors outside of my own and if I was to bring a player here, it'll be of the filler variety.


My current plans for them now is to have Apollo go as long as he possibly can and Clinton will more than likely hang it up before that so keep a look out for my defensive player! Now I gotta figure out a name for him. Haha

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