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Stephen Loth, TE, @SwagSloth


168 GP (S8 San Antonio Wolfpack; S9-S12 Los Angeles Reign; S13-S19 Miami Neptune)

1,007 Catches, 9,040 Yards, 70 TDs, 9.0 YPC, 366 Pancakes, 5 Sacks Allowed

2 Time EFL Champion

3 Tight End of the Year


Arguably the greatest blocking tight end of all time, and one of the greatest in the red zone, Loth broke into the league in S8, putting together a few seasons on the average side before beginning to break through as one of the league's better players in S11 and firmly establishing himself among the top of the tight end group by S12, where he began a series of five straight seasons over 900 yards--an impressive mark for a receiver, let alone a tight end. He particularly proved himself in short-yardage situations, as he caught the ball more than anyone else, ever, and was often targeted in the end zone (he went nine straight seasons with 5 or more touchdowns) and broke 1,000 yards three times--including his peak in S14 when he would combine 1,059 yards with an impressive 13 touchdowns. Not to be ignored is his prowess in the blocking game--with the most pancakes of all time by a tight end (and second-most ever), and allowing less than half a sack per season, Loth proved himself worthy of a spot in the Hall of Fame in more than one regard.




Bo Clerk, CB, @AW13


168 GP (S8-S9 San Antonio Wolfpack; S10-S14 Seattle Predators; S15 New Orleans Kraken; S16-S19 San Antonio Wolfpack)

759 Tackles (2 TFL), 4 Sacks, 50 INT, 158 PD, 6 FF, 2 FR, 7 TD



2 Time EFL Champion

3 Kick Returner of the Year


The EFL sees its share of Deion Sanders-type players, who excel on defense as well as in the return game. Clerk is no exception to this. In contrast to Loth, Clerk's career began in a solid fashion, as he finished third in tackles among cornerbacks and recorded three interceptions. This would only be a sign of things to come, as he went on to lead cornerbacks in tackles once and interceptions three times, while consistently seeing himself near the top in both categories (as well as in kick return yards) year in and year out. While never one to be considered the best player in the league, Clerk still managed to consistently produce among the best--though he never led the league in PDs, he could almost always be seen near the top of the leaderboard in that regard, and though he never led the league in kick return yards and took one kick back for a touchdown, his numbers were consistent and strong enough to earn him three awards for his return game. All in all, when Clerk was created, the league was given one of its more noteworthy faces of the S10s, and his efforts deserve long-term recognition.




Joplo Crittenden, TE, @Crittenden


154 GP (S7-S16 Seattle Predators; S17 Miami Neptune)

793 Catches, 10,141 Yards, 59 TDs, 12.8 YPC, 280 Pancakes, 7 Sacks Allowed

4 Tight End of the Year

S7 Rookie of the Year

1 Comeback Player of the Year


At the beginning of Stephen Loth's career, a different tight end was dominating the EFL scene, and it was likely the only one thus far to have a case at being better. From the start, Crittenden was dominant, putting up over 800 yards and four touchdowns in his rookie season and winning a ROTY for it. He'd then break 1,000 yards--and lead all tight ends in receiving yards--in each of the next five seasons, notably putting up 1,323 yards and seven touchdowns in S9's 14-game schedule, finishing sixth in the league in receiving yards with numbers that would be impressive for a receiver. After a bit of a statistical drop-off in S13, he would return to form in S14 with four straight seasons over 900 yards and a heaping load of touchdowns in each. Right up at the top of his position group in arguably more seasons than he won an award for it, Crittenden was great from the start and stayed that way throughout his entire career, en route to being at the time of his retirement the greatest offensive threat the EFL has ever seen at tight end. For that reason, he's a lock for the Hall of Fame, and his memory will endure in the minds of many league veterans.

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