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Hi EFL :) We thought it'd be cool to have a new banner that celebrates our 25 seasons, so we'll be having a contest for it. Remember to feature the new Herd's logo if you decide to include the teams. For reference, the one we are currently displaying is 1279x219 px, so anything arround that ratio would fit nicely.


You can find EFL logos here: 

And ECFA logos here: 


You may use this submitted banner for a PT this season if you wish. We will submit all banners to a vote where everyone will be able to vote, and the top 3 will receive 3, 2, and 1 uncapped TPE respectively. Please submit these banners to me on site in a PM and please provide the direct link to it. You will have until next week's update deadline to submit these (Saturday February 13th midnight PST). On Sunday they will go up for a vote and voting will happen until the following update deadline.


*If a banner is deemed “silly” etc, and that’s what wins, it won't be displayed. We want this to be taken seriously after all! Please and thank you. 

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Change of plans! We only got three submissions and we won't be having a poll. I'm not going to lie, we would've wished for a bit more participation. As a way to thank your effort @jhatty8 @OrbitingDeath and @Big Country you can all claim 3 UNCAPPED TPE!! Congrats and thank you!


Here are the entries so you can admire them: 









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