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Town of Salem #19 Sign-ups!

What kind of game do you want to play?  

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Welcome to the Town of Salem sign-ups thread! If you're familiar with Town of Salem, this should be a pretty faithful recreation (albeit with some minor differences). If you are not familiar with it, I strongly encourage you read over the rules and roles thread to get familiar with the new additions added to the game and the differences between the roles from how you may remember them from Mafia. I also encourage you to check out the ToS wiki page for more information. All in game discussion will occur in the forum thread while all night actions and private chat channels (i.e. Mafia, Coven, dead chat, Vampires, etc.) will take place on the discord server found here. Please post in this thread and join the discord server if you wish to participate! If your discord name is different from your forum name, let me know so I can adjust it. If you sign up, you will be expected to participate, so please don't sign up if you will not be around to play!


These sign-ups will be open for a few days.


Also remember: this is a Social game. Participation is required. I'm not asking you to be on 24-7, but you should be a participant in day time discussions when appropriate and you should not be neglecting your night actions when necessary. Obviously things pop up here and there but if you know you can't or won't be able to check in daily at minimum, please do not sign up. I don't like to be the bad guy about this but signing up and then not trying to play just ruins it for everyone else. If the timing of the day or night phases is a concern, you are allowed to send in actions early so as to not miss the windows provided. Especially if you are town, you are strongly encouraged to participate in day time conversations and voting.


Due to inactivity in the past, you will be required to check in by either commenting on the thread or posting in your discord channel at least once every two days. Failure to do this will be an instant mod-kill. It's much preferred that you comment on the thread, especially if you are Town! Note that Evils should also comment on the thread, as it may out you if you aren't mod-killed!


If you have earned a scroll and would like to use it, please send me a PM or a message on Discord with the role you want to play. You do not have to use a scroll. If you do, you have a 50% chance of getting the role you requested. If your scroll fails, you will not lose it.




Signed Up:

















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