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Hi all,


Some positional shifting around continues, as following this playoff season, we will have two GMs who have expressed interest in stepping back from their roles. @zekethatbeast25 and @Rockstar have both expressed that they would like to return to player-only roles on the site. We thank them for their contributions and wish them well.


First, in the Bayou, please join me in congratulating @Caboose30! Caboose will be taking over officially from Zeke following the conclusion of New Orleans' playoff run. At this time he will be remaining as Lincoln AD. 


Second, taking on the challenge of the rebuild in LA is someone who will embrace that black and yellow to the fullest, please congratulate @Spartan, who will be taking over the Reign immediately! He will also be remaining as Trenton AD for now. 


Good luck and good fortune to both of the newest members of our GM fraternity. 

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I've been getting pestered to take a GM position for quite some time, and LA was the first time I really considered it. I welcome a challenge, and I'm excited to take on the challenge of LA. I've already chatted with @Rockstar and I'm happy to have his blessing and support as I hope to restore glory to the black and gold. And I'd be amiss if I didn't wish @Caboose30good luck as well ❤️. You can't escape me 😘.

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Oh man, I guess it's story time. I have a ton of people to thank and a ton of different emotions to process. After joining the league in late 2019 I never would have anticipated becoming an AD as quickly as I did. I joined in S17 and took over the Lincoln Mammoths in S19. I think it's safe to say that the Mammoths have transformed from what I found them, almost like Rome. Found in ruble and despair and left as one of the more dominant teams in recent ECFA history. It's been a long journey and after exactly 100 total games as an AD over the course of 6 and a half seasons if you include S19, I am excited to take the next step. That being said... it's time to thank those who supported me along the way and made this even possible.

it starts off with @cody73 who took both of my players on at then Alabama, later known as Trenton University. I was an excited first generation user who wanted to help be the face of a rebuild. In S19 Trenton made the playoffs for the first time in a long time and made it to the conference finals. Although there were bumps along the way the eagerness and dedication to the team that Cody showed stuck with me. I can't thank him enough for the time I spent in Trenton, because the lessons learned there served me well with Lincoln.

Of course chronologically the next person to thank would be @MMFLEX but for a different reason than for being an eager person wanting to rebuild a team. Flex at the time was the ECFA commissioner and looking back it amazes me that he had enough faith in a first gen user who had only a mere 2 seasons of experience in the league to lead the defunct Mammoths back to the promised land. Over the seasons Flex and I grew a lot closer seeing as he was a key piece in the teams rebuild, but he was also there to lend an ear whenever I needed to vent my frustrations with DDSPF, and trust me there were a good few times. Thank you so much for putting that faith into me and thank you for the morale support you've provided over the past 4 seasons in Lincoln.


Next up on the thank you list is my long term support/bitching group in @Spartan @Lefty_S and @StackTheRacks12. Shit I don't think you can find a group of more prominent users, nor could I ask for better friends to have shared this journey with in the ECFA. The shit talking was glorious, the gloating afterwards was much less fun if we lost or just that much better if we won. But one thing's for certain we always had each others backs, always were there to lend an ear or offer help. If I hadn't had them in the early going of my ADing career I don't think I would have stuck around in Lincoln. You guys gave me the fuel each week that I needed to persevere. Now it's time to relentlessly ask Stacks when he plans on joining the big boy club and leave the ECFA.

To my buddy @Renomitsu I thank you for the hours you spent with me going over Minnesota. I was honored to have served as your bonified AGM and blessed to have spent my players careers so far in Minnesota. I hope you realize the impact you have made on that group, the community and comradery found in the Minnesota LR is something to envy.


Now for a few people that maybe didn't realize the impact they had on my career so far. @TacticalHammer @Wally @Sharkstrong and @Siddhus. For the first three, split between DVR and HCP you guys were the standard that I tried to live up to during my AD career. Strong and independent programs that people wanted to be apart of because of how well run they were. Every game against you guys was circled on my calendar because they pushed me to be better, they pushed me to evolve my tactics, my plan, my goals. I grew my pitch to the point where I could successfully get recreates to come to Lincoln, I spent countless hours and a good deal of money growing the Lincoln brand so it became one of the most recognizable logos in the league. All that, simply to try and be like you guys and reach my own success.

To Sid, you fed my fuel to prove the doubters wrong. That was by far the most powerful thing you have ever done and I fed off of it. By you going out and being vocal that you think Lincoln didn't have what it took, it provided me with the energy required to try and prove you wrong, and we almost did it too in S23. But to you 4 than you. I legit couldn't have  done what I did in Lincoln without you, despite you all driving me bat shit crazy sometimes.


The final tag on this list goes out to @HuddleHussy. Long gone are the public screaming matches that got me my reputation. I like to think I've mellowed out a tad... maybe. Probably not lets face it, but regardless Hussy and I have since reconciled and honestly I just want to thank her for challenging me. Even though we still don't agree on most anything, the challenge she brings into my life is one that I cherish and wouldn't trade for the world.

Finally, I want to thank everyone from the the past 6 and half seasons with Lincoln. You all made that journey a life changing experience for me. I am proud to have served you guys as your AD. I hope that your time in Lincoln was as memorable as it has been for me and that the first gens who passed through would go on to do great things in the league. Y'all will always be apart of the Mammoths family. For those of you still in the program, I hate leaving you all like this. I really do. But as @Beowoof's song says "there are no more tales to be told, no more stories of battles of old, now it seems our journey has come to an end, we are scraping the barrel my friend." While we aren't scraping the barrel the tale ends in S26 so a new one can begin.

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10 hours ago, Caboose30 said:

But as @Beowoof's song says "there are no more tales to be told, no more stories of battles of old, now it seems our journey has come to an end, we are scraping the barrel my friend." While we aren't scraping the barrel the tale ends in S26 so a new one can begin.

Definitely not why I posted the song so I'll just go with whoosh

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