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Roswell: Championship or Bust

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Another year, and another first round exit awaited us in back to back seasons. Oh well, at least me and Roswell had a good regular season. We've even surpassed some expectations and proved people wrong. Many people thought of us as a team that wouldn't even make the playoffs or come anywhere near it, but the two season that I've been with Roswell, we've made the playoffs both times, even if they both resulted in a first round exit. Whatever though, playoffs are playoffs whether you're a first round exit or not. Better than not making it at all.


Roswell's future for next season looks very bright. With 7 uncaps on the team, Roswell is gonna make a big jump going from being considered a non playoff team or first round exits, to potential champions in the ECFA. Well, with a roster like that, anything other than a championship is a major bust especially when both the offensive side and the defensive side is as stacked as it is for Roswell.  The Duo of Kenny Khan at QB and Randall Kariya at WR is gonna be a nightmare for every opposition defense to handle. Don't believe me? Just watch Roswell's games next season so you can get a general idea of my confidence in them.

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