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Alvin Mack's Hiatus


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Alvin Mack walked along the banks of the Potomac River near his hometown in Northern Virginia. He looked out at the waters, his gaze past the Washington Monument and into the even further distance. It was clear that he was searching for something, something he hadn't yet found. It was only a month ago that Mack had agreed to participate in the Elite Football League, a bruising, athletic tight end in the mold of the first trendsetters at the position, Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates.

Fast forward to mid-February, and Mack has not only not played in a single game thus far, but he has not committed to enter the draft and compete for a club. We caught up with Mack on this cold Tuesday, and asked him about his future in the EFL.

"All of the excitement of playing in the EHL a month ago has been replaced by anxiety. I love football, but given my commitments to the SBA, I'm not sure if I'll be stretching myself too thin. I have people in my life I want to take care of, and despite wanting to be the first player to be an all star in 3 different sports, I don't think my head is where it needs to be to make that attempt."

It's a disappointing update from Mack, given many thought that he could be the first professional athlete to star in 3 different sports at the same time, and use his jaw-dropping athleticism and on-field savvy to lead a team to a championship and, perhaps, lead Mack into the Hall of Fame. For now, Mack doesn't have any plans on committing to the EHL, saying his focus is solely with his new SBA team, the Boston Minutemen. "Boston took a chance on me, I still have a lot I want to do in basketball, and if I were to change my focus now, I'd be leaving more on the table than I want."

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