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Neptune Gets Their Revenge Against the Bandits


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After a big must needed win for the Miami Neptune, Coach Herm answered some questions from the media and these are the best quotes and answers we got.


Media: "I'm sure that was a big sigh of relief for the offense after this tough defensive battle with the Bandits, whats your opinion on the offense?"


Herm: "Well I can tell you that was one of the better games for sure. We didn't make the bad mistakes that we have been doing for the past 3 games. It was surely a defensive battle and scoring early definitely set the tone for our defense. If we can keep up the mistake free football, I think our offense is capable of putting up points. We have the best running back in the game and if we stop the mistakes, everyone of this offense will roll along well."


Media: "Whats your opinion on the defense? That was surely their best game of the year."


Herm: "From day one, I have been saying this defense is outstanding and they really showed it last night. I have full confidence in this defense and they seem to always impress me with how well they can play together. I have been saying it for weeks that if we can keep our offense mistake free I think our defense will surely do their part. Let's just hope this game starts the upward trend for us. We have another tough battle with the Herd again and I expecting a battle. We just have to keep winning and proving everyone wrong, that we are a great team and can keep winning.

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