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Alvin Mack the Enigma


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On the precipice of the SBA playoffs, the general managers of the EFL are also keeping a keen eye on what happens in the sport of basketball. For some of those GMs, their interest isn't purely leisurely. The hope remains that during the upcoming offseason, talent such as Alvin Mack will resume their pursuit of playing in the EFL. We caught up with a former GM who has been studying Alvin Mack in particular in the unique situation of a multi-star athlete having to juggle competing career paths.

"Do you think Mack will ever play in the EFL?"
GM: "I only see it happening if either the team he's playing for screws him over or isn't competitive. But he seems destined for a long career in the SBA. You can tell how hard the guy works. He wants to make it in basketball."

"Why wouldn't he try both?"
GM: "I know a person close to his camp. Mack thinks the SBA and its coaches and GMs are like a fraternity. If he does anything that pisses those guys off, he has no idea if it'll affect his playing time, his success in the league, his ability to be an all time great. So I don't think you're going to see him do anything to piss off the SBA inner circle."

Calls to the Mack residence were not returned, other than a text response: "Alvin is committed to helping the Boston Minutemen as the team enters the playoffs."

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