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The Sun Gazette has garnered a commitment from hometown product Alvin Mack to give  exclusive  monthly interview to our lead football and hockey writers. Football writer Jordan Smith interviewed Mack in the lobby of the Houston St. Regis, a day after Mack made waves in the SBA signing a 3-year contract with the powerhouse Ravens.

Smith: Safe to say no one saw your free agent signing with Houston coming. What happened?
Mack: I had no intention of leaving Boston. I really enjoyed my time there and saw myself as a foundational piece with the Minutemen. But my GM encouraged me to have some conversations, and I really felt comfortable talking to Houston's GM. 

Smith: Does this mean football lis officially over?
Mack: Nope. I don't see why I have to give it up yet; and the GMs who have reached out in the EFL have told me that if I play around 10 years in the SBA, they'd love my next 10 years to be in the EFL. So never say never.

Smith: Were there any other teams you considered going to?
Mack: Every team, save for one or two who reached out, I seriously considered. The only situation I was fairly certain to try and avoid was one where it looked like a total rebuild. And I was really interested in coming back to Boston. But ultimately this was the decision I felt most comfortable with, even if it means trying to live up to insanely high expectations.

Smith: Have you already spoken with local football and hockey franchises as of yet?
Mack: I haven't as of yet. When you interviewed me last month, I mentioned trying to let GMs in the EFL know that I wasn't ready to have conversations about my future in football at this moment. Thus far, the GMs have really honored that and I'm grateful to them for that.

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